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I am really digging the white + shades of purple combo on this sandal. (WOW – I can’t believe we are talking about SANDALS when I can hardly feel my thumbs as I type. Rawr.) This badass platform flirts on the border of whimsy and tacky, which is my favorite grey area. If it could talk, it would say “I don’t give a damn” and if I pooped gold bars, I’d buy this shoe right meow and wear it with socks, because I don’t give a damn either! ♥

YSL t-strap espadrille – $795




I don’t give a gold bar if every other fashion blogger out there already has this Yves Saint Laurent ring. I trend-spotted it two years ago while perusing Selfridges, and have felt responsible for it’s exponential popularity ever since, despite the fact that I don’t own it… Meh, details.

With the holiday season upon us, I am sure my lust for this behemoth bauble will soon have the same fairytale ending as my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots did. Plz?!?

YSL ring at saks.com $195