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I’m like, unreasonably obsessed with the shoe/boot footwear trend, and the higher the platform, the better! But, I don’t poop gold bars (Oh really?? You don’t??? We didn’t know!), so I cannot purchase every shoot that tickles my fancy. Therefore, I need your help. Thoughts/opinions on the following are encouraged, and suggestions are welcome!

Sam Edelman via Zappos, $198.95

Sam Edelman (again!) via Nasty Gal, $185

Alexander Wang, $695 (Yes, I am seriously considering paying that much. Look at them. Look. At. Them. Loooooook aaaaaat themmmmmmm.)

Pelle Moda (Similar to the Wang’s but not quite as wonderful) via Shopbop, $190

Let’s warm things up a bit…

Opening Ceremony via Shotwell, $283 (originally $565)

Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck, $194.95 (sold out, unfortunately)

That’s all the wishing and hoping and attempting-to-decision-making I can handle in one night. Please help.

And sweet dreams!


I kind of, maybe, think I might…love BCBG.

Is it just me, or has it gotten better over the years?? I used to write it off as cheap and trying too hard…but was it? Is it just that I only looked at BCBGeneration and never BCBGMAXAZRIA? I don’t know, but since I’m finally getting my head out of J.Crew’s ass, I am noticing brands for the first time again. Call me a “born again fan”.

These heels are fantastic and would require the pooping of a gold nugget. Totes apprope.

Herve Leger inspired, but at a fraction of the cost. Still not a fraction I can shell out!

Wear to work and pockets? Booya!

It’s like something you took from your boyfriend’s closet, which he got from his dad’s, which his dad picked up at a golf pro shop in the mid-eighties.

I’ve had my eye on this jacket since winter. Still not on sale?!?

Pretty neat.

A Diamond In The Rough

No, this is not a post about Tiger Woods.

I was surfing the internets during a bout of insomnia last night, when I caught wind that Gap had new releases in their Design Editions shoe collection. I was (of course) drawn to the floral bow wedge, but they were sold out of my size online (of course). I was a bit discouraged, but figured I was better off without them because they are $110 and I don’t poop gold bars. Le sigh.

Well after work today, I had an hour to kill before meeting up with a couple girlfriends to buy “decorations” for a bachelorette party this weekend (8===D), so I toodled over to Gap – with low expectations, mind you. I searched the store (twice) for anything resembling the coveted shoe I saw online but came up empty-footed (Get it??? Punny!). Just as I was about to leave, a boy in a vest asked me if I needed help finding anything. Oh hell. Why not? He knew just what I was talking about and directed me to them: tucked away in their boxes, underneath a platform with a bunch of manequinns on top, with no identifying signage (Ohhhh, I get it now! Gap doesn’t want to sell their merchandise. Obviously. Geeze.). There was ONE pair left in MY SIZE, and I had a GIFT CARD. Today, kids, I felt like I pooped gold bars.