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OMG Saaamesies!

As Nicole Kidman so eloquently stated on the red carpet at the SAG awards, “I love bows” pretty much hits the nail on the head for me. I’m currently feeling extra special love for this bow. It would be the perfect bow for a swanky dinner date on Valentine’s Day, no?

Giorgio Armani, Resort 2011


Heeeere kitty kitty kitty!

OH. mygod. Sephora + Hello Kitty = heaven in a makeup palette.

Maybe you know this about me, and maybe you don’t, but I love Hello Kitty. What started as a joke because I couldn’t understand why on earth all of Asia and half of the rest of the world would be obsessed with a CAT, has now turned into full-blown admiration.

I GET IT, Asia and half of the world. I am a believer now. That kitty grows on you. She does. P.S. this is me in Pisa. This photograph can be pinpointed as the moment my obsession turned from laughs to love.

Are you wondering why I’m telling you all of this? Well it’s because I’m really excited about the new line of Hello Kitty cosmetics at Sephora!!!!


This collection has everything from makeup to nail polish to shower caps. And I want it all. Duh.

Liquid Nail Art, $10

Say Hello Palette in “Super Fun”, $35

Brush Set, $49

Hello Kitty Fragrance, $55

Shower Cap, $16

See how cute it all is??? If you don’t think so now, watch out – you will.

Drumroll Please… The Nannette!

So there’s this brand called Reiss. I fell in love with it while living in London, but per usual, it was horrendously out of my budget. It’s wildly popular in the UK, but only mildly so in the USA. I predict that’s about to change though…

See that dress Kate Middleton’s wearing? Yeah, it’s Reiss: The Nannette Dress. And today they are putting it back online. FOR COMMONERS TO BUY. If you consider the publicity, site/store visits, and monetary gain that Reiss will receive because of this dress, you could make the conclusion that Kate Middleton poops gold bars. Theoretically, of course. Lucky royal bitch. I love her.

I predict a bum rush on this dreamy, creamy dress, so in an effort to stay ahead of the masses and make you little poopers fall in love with Reiss too, I have hand selected (with my cursor) some of my favorite pieces. And yes, you can lump the Nannette dress in with my picks too.

The Tilda Coat – $475 on sale for $237

The Chris Shirt – $165 on sale for $87

The Sonia Dress – $375

The Murphy Hat – $110

The Jacqueline Bracelet – $60



The Nannette!

Sorry I can’t link you to the dress; it doesn’t appear to be online yet. That or I totally missed the boat and it’s already sold out! Hope not – I”ll keep you posted!

Update: The Nannette dress is now online! Click here :)

Good Morning, Upper East Siders

Today is hugely exciting. Season 4 of Gossip Girl returns!!! This winter hiatus nearly killed me – I mean, as if Monday’s weren’t bad enough already!

Let’s savor these photos and get amped up for the love triangles and the wardrobes.

I want to see more of this:

And less of this:


And lots and lots of this!


Gold Bars

All eye candy via

…then I’d have a perfect body.

But I don’t.

So I have to work out, and you guessed it – I made one of THOSE New Year’s Resolutions. Most people would probably decide to start running to get in shape. Most people. You think differently though if you’ve ever felt your lungs seize up on the warm-up lap, or if you’ve ever lost a race to the kid you were babysitting – and not because you let him win.

Anyway… I took up speed walking (yes, that thing your mom does). I have started walking everywhere. I walk to work. I walk home from work. Yeah, everywhere.

Wondering why I’m telling you this? It’s because I’M HERE TO HELP. If you’re like me, you have an extreme phobia of wearing your beat up work out shoes with a pencil skirt in public (like, HORRIFIED). You’re also short on time, so killing two birds with one stone is crucial. This posed a huge problem for me, seeing as my two birds were exercising and commuting. There just didn’t seem to be any way around it though; I absolutely could not get my Chanel flats re-heeled one more time. They were going to die. Plus, I hear it’s bad for you to do such extensive walking in shoes without the proper support.

So I found a solution, the proverbial stone, if you will: I would wear tennis shoes on my commute – BUT, they had to be sick-ass-retro-funky-possibly-neon-in-color kicks that weren’t too clunky. This type of shoe gives off a waaaay different vibe than your old Asics. Wearing Asics with street clothes tells people, “I live for comfort and I have no idea that this looks repulsive, but if I did have an inkling, I wouldn’t care because I’m protecting myself from back pain when I’m 50.” Wow, we should party.

On the flip side, if you’ve got trendy tennis, then you’re telling people, “I have high standards for both fashion and function, but I also don’t take myself too seriously…which is why I bought these crazy NikeFree’s.”

Okay, I didn’t REALLY buy these ones. I did customize them on Nike’s website though. You can’t see it too well in this photo, but on the green part of the shoe near the heel it says “Bars”. The left shoe says “Gold”. Teehee!

The Free’s I got were from Nordstrom, but I couldn’t find the exact color combo online to share a pic with you lovely people. Maybe you’ve seen me mobbing around town in them though. If you have, then you know that mine aren’t nearly as crazy as the ones I customized. I take myself slightly more seriously than that. Mine are more subdued and have a retro look. I am totally. obsessed. This definitely won’t be my last pair of Free’s – but it had better be the last time my ass gets this large!

The last thing I need…

…is more nail polish. One of my new year’s resolutions is to spend less money and nail polish seems like a good thing to cut out, especially since I’m partial to the $25 variety. Not to mention, I already have plenty of colors to choose from (plus my roommate’s even more plentiful selection) and half the time, I end up getting my nails done at a salon anyway. Should be a no brainer…

But I LOVE nail polish. I love it glittery, crackly, velvety, shiny, shimmery, matte, iridescent, scented, and any other way the nail fairies dream up. I love all nail polishes across the color spectrum equally: it does not scare me one bit to paint my nails putrid green, neon orange, or matte black. In addition to all of that, I’m also a sucker for witty nail polish names. That’s right; I get a perverse amount of joy from turning the little bottle upside down and hopefully being rewarded with a giggle. Basically what I’m getting at is… OPI has a new collection of nail polish inspired by Texas, and some of the names are real doozies! My favorites are: Do You Think I’m Tex-y?, Houston We Have A Purple, and Guy Meets Gal-veston. The Texas collection is for Spring/Summer 2011 and won’t be out until February, so WATCH FOR IT.

But that’s not it Poopers! OPI also has an insane new nail polish that gives your manicure a crackle finish. I once put a crackle finish on a dresser and I really loved the outcome, so I’m super eager to try it out on my fingers! Did I mention that Katie Perry is the collaborator for this ingenious new nail art? As if you needed any more incentive to try it!

Last but not least in exciting new nail trends, we have Salon Effects, brought to you by Sally Hansen. Salon  Effects is a tacky indulgence: a line of  nail stickers, essentially, but like super long-lasting nail stickers with fun designs* and zero drying time. I tried them out last week. Guess who’s a sucker for Salon Effects?! I went with the denim nails (which actually aren’t shown in the pic below) and next time I’m thinking butterflies. Or the fishnet stocking. Decisions, decisions. Life is hard.

*There are solid colors if you’re boring or have a real job.

If I could poop it, I’d wear it.

Why not?

Besides the price and general ridiculousness, I won’t get these shades because I’d have to fight Kanye for them. My guess is he’s scrappy. Mykita – $525 at Bergdorf

For those schizophrenic days… Lanvin – $3,802 at Colette

I mean… come on, where COULDN’T you wear these? Balmain – $3,374 at Colette

La deeda! Just because! Christian Louboutin – $3,095

Brooches: something I always want a gaggle of, but never have. Tiffany & Co.

These items allllll put together double as a last minute Halloween costume: très fonctionnelle!