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…then I’d go on a shoe binge.

But (obviously) I don’t. So instead I’m going on a shoe-blogging binge.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Tuleste Market

Nine West (Fall ’11)

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony – $740

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony – $680

Marni – $500

Images via WWD, Net-A-Porter, and Opening Ceremony.

Maybs I’ll post about something other than shoes later in the week…

Goodnight turds! xx



I’ve had these images saved on my desktop for months and I don’t know why I haven’t written about them yet… DUMB. But the time has definitely come to address the latest in “More Cool Shit That I Can’t Afford” (McSTICA): Rebecca. Minkoff. Shoes.

Since they are already available online, I bet many of you are aware of the brands’ expansion, so bear with me while I subject you to old news.

Images via WWD, Refinery29, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Pre-Order HERE.

P.S. I think there will be more styles coming out than what you see now on the Rebecca Minkoff website, because some of the shoes I posted aren’t up yet!

Pretty (expensive)

This bag is just so damn gorgeous…

Gucci, $5,300

…aaand so damn expensive.

…then I’d wear an armful of Friedas.

OBSESSED: Frieda & NellieThe Frieda Bracelet (ANY and ALL of them).

Have you heard of Frieda & Nellie yet? I came across it quite some time ago and thought “oh neat” so I bookmarked it and then it just kind of swirled around on the edge of my consciousness (wtf?) until I saw the Frieda in person at Barney’s recently and was like “OH NEAT!” And now I want to wear like, five of them at all times. OBSESSED. Too bad they’re each at least 158 bones. I’m not saying they aren’t worth their weight in rhinestones, I’m just saying my long intestine isn’t a gold bar factory, and that’s kind of expensie.

Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid, the two (really cute and fun looking) girls behind this line of jewelry also whip up two other styles of bracelets, Metal Mamas and Nellies, and necklaces that are called… necklaces. I’m not trying to be judgmental, but I think there’s room for some creative improvement there, ladies.

Check out my current faves, and if you see one you want to buy me – act fast! Each design is one of a kind, so once it’s gone, you’re shit out of luck (don’t I know the feeling…). FYI: I have a tiny wrist, so pay attention to the size of each bracelet!

Love for Lollia Denver, $158

Sparkle On, $250

This Must Be the Place, $250

You Really Got Me, $158

Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star, $200

OBSESSED? IN LOVE? BUMMED because you’re getting me one, but now you want one for yourself? Don’t get too down… Frieda’s are like grownup friendship bracelets (unless you were in Troop Beverly Hills), so as long as we’re friends we can both have one!

…then I’d buy the same shoe in multiple colors.

Opening Ceremony Platform Pumps in Black ($480) & Lace ($575)

Prada Platform Sandal in Black & Turquoise ($795)

Miu Miu Mid-Heel Peep-Toe Pump with Jewel Heel in Black & Gray ($595)

The Miu Miu’s also come in a cotton candy pink color that I really liked the best, but I couldn’t find them online. If you poop gold bars, go to your nearest Nordstrom store for the pink; that’s where I saw them!

OMG Saaamesies!

As Nicole Kidman so eloquently stated on the red carpet at the SAG awards, “I love bows” pretty much hits the nail on the head for me. I’m currently feeling extra special love for this bow. It would be the perfect bow for a swanky dinner date on Valentine’s Day, no?

Giorgio Armani, Resort 2011

So Two Seasons Ago

What I have:

What I want:

Tory Burch Nicholyn Bow-Toe Flat, $250