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If I was getting married, and if I needed a dress for the rehearsal dinner, and if I pooped gold bars, then I would get this dress. 

If any of those if’s apply to you, then I suggest you get it!

Don’t you just love Milly? I mean, how pretty is this dress?? I also just love Shopbop, as evidenced by the back-to-back posts with Shopbop generated content.  : )


Dress Shopping > Venue Shopping

Hey Little Poopers! What did you do this weekend? I discovered my all-time favorite activity ever: WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING.


I’ve never had such an elated and wondrous shopping experience. I just felt so in my element. Shopping for a dress must be the most alluring reason for people to get married more than once.

As you know, my sister recently got engaged, so the dress shopping was of course for her (I enjoyed it as much as if it were for myself though). We went to two places here in San Francisco, Bridal Galleria and Marina Morrison, both of which were simply enchanting. The only reason I’m glad not to be the bride right now is that I don’t have to decide on just one dress! Between appointments we lunched at The Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus, which would have made for a fabulous day on its own. Sooo deelish.

Neither boutique allowed photographs to be taken (totally understandable), so I’ll just leave you with this image of Taylor Swift shooting her latest music video. The dress she’s wearing is Reem Acra and it is goooorgeous! How many wedding gowns do you think she got to try on and test out?? She is so lucky! And adorable and talented. I <3 her.

Thanks for the article PopSugar! Seriously made my day.

Shit is about to get nuptial.

I apologize in advance if Gold Bars turns into a wedding blog, but my sister just got engaged!!! Here’s what happened: He proposed. She said yes. I screamed and jumped around.

Then I asked when we were going dress shopping.

It happened just one week ago, but I’ve already begun taking my Maid of Honor duties very seriously. I researched my responsibilities online (How soon is too soon to start planning the bachelorette party?), I’ve been helping with the initial celebrations (Shall I open another bottle of champagne?), but most importantly, I am imparting upon the bride-to-be my unwavering support and trusted advice:

  • When a callous gawker asks, “How big is the diamond??”, you have multiple response options:
    • As big as your mom is packin.
    • Bigger than the first one he tried to give me!
    • 8 carats*
  • It is vital that someone on your guest list can do The Worm and has a low dignity threshold.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure there will be many more pearls of wisdom to come!

*Adjust this number for you own carat weight, but remember that it must be obviously inflated if you’re going to get your point across.