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…then I’d have a perfect body.

But I don’t.

So I have to work out, and you guessed it – I made one of THOSE New Year’s Resolutions. Most people would probably decide to start running to get in shape. Most people. You think differently though if you’ve ever felt your lungs seize up on the warm-up lap, or if you’ve ever lost a race to the kid you were babysitting – and not because you let him win.

Anyway… I took up speed walking (yes, that thing your mom does). I have started walking everywhere. I walk to work. I walk home from work. Yeah, everywhere.

Wondering why I’m telling you this? It’s because I’M HERE TO HELP. If you’re like me, you have an extreme phobia of wearing your beat up work out shoes with a pencil skirt in public (like, HORRIFIED). You’re also short on time, so killing two birds with one stone is crucial. This posed a huge problem for me, seeing as my two birds were exercising and commuting. There just didn’t seem to be any way around it though; I absolutely could not get my Chanel flats re-heeled one more time. They were going to die. Plus, I hear it’s bad for you to do such extensive walking in shoes without the proper support.

So I found a solution, the proverbial stone, if you will: I would wear tennis shoes on my commute – BUT, they had to be sick-ass-retro-funky-possibly-neon-in-color kicks that weren’t too clunky. This type of shoe gives off a waaaay different vibe than your old Asics. Wearing Asics with street clothes tells people, “I live for comfort and I have no idea that this looks repulsive, but if I did have an inkling, I wouldn’t care because I’m protecting myself from back pain when I’m 50.” Wow, we should party.

On the flip side, if you’ve got trendy tennis, then you’re telling people, “I have high standards for both fashion and function, but I also don’t take myself too seriously…which is why I bought these crazy NikeFree’s.”

Okay, I didn’t REALLY buy these ones. I did customize them on Nike’s website though. You can’t see it too well in this photo, but on the green part of the shoe near the heel it says “Bars”. The left shoe says “Gold”. Teehee!

The Free’s I got were from Nordstrom, but I couldn’t find the exact color combo online to share a pic with you lovely people. Maybe you’ve seen me mobbing around town in them though. If you have, then you know that mine aren’t nearly as crazy as the ones I customized. I take myself slightly more seriously than that. Mine are more subdued and have a retro look. I am totally. obsessed. This definitely won’t be my last pair of Free’s – but it had better be the last time my ass gets this large!


Lulu Frost + J.Crew = Super Cute

Lulu Frost for J.Crew vintage deco sunray necklace
Vintage Deco Sunray Necklace, $185

Lulu Frost for J.Crew heirloom snow-buckle bracelet
Heirloom Snow-Buckle Bracelet, $125

Lulu Frost for J.Crew modern deco long drop earrings
Modern Deco Long Drop Earrings, $85

New York!

I’m going to NY on Thursday and I kind of feel like I need these. They’d come in handy, right??

Kate Spade $65

Sooo, Zara…

About that whole “swastika” thing that happened a few years back… That was an accident, right? Zara isn’t actually anti-semitic, right??

Because I’m crushing hard on their fall stuff and need to know if I’m allowed to shop there or not.


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So yeah, that’s what I want, along with like FIFTY OTHER THINGS that I was too lazy to clip images of.

Mom. Mommmm. MOM!

Will you get these for me? Please?

Anthropologie, $96

Is it bad that I want this?

Eugenia Kim

On Green

You’d better install those solar panels and take out your compost some other time, because right now we are talking about wearing green. I love the impact that green can have in all areas of life. Think about it: green plants bring a room to life; money is green, and money makes the world go ’round; and “going green” has overcome conscious society as a way to save the planet. Why not make an equally bold statement by introducing this hue into your closet? Just be careful it’s not too muddy or olive because camo NEVER makes the best dressed list.

Verrier Spring RTW 2011

Erin Fetherston Spring RTW 2011

Oscar de la Renta* Spring RTW 2011

Marchesa Spring RTW 2011

Milly Spring RTW 2011

Proenza Schouler** Spring RTW 2011

Rachel Roy*** Spring RTW 2011

Juan Carlos Obando Spring RTW 2011

STYLE TIP: Lavender nails look great with a dark green dress.

*This man can do no wrong.

**Neither can these men.

***Yes, this image blatantly goes against my camo comment, but when will you people ever learn that there are no hard and fast rules in fashion?

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