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Oh, hey December.

I can’t believe it’s already the last month of 2010! I know I’m not alone in this sentiment because every single person I encounter or blog I read keeps exclaiming, “OMG. This year FLEW by.” Yeah, I know. And I know you know too. Don’t worry, I promise not to bore you with a “thoughtful reflection of my posts over the year,” because that’s kind of lame. But what I will tell you, is that I’m so excited San Francisco has finally caught up to the change in seasons. It’s officially cold enough for me to wear stuff like this without sweating:

vest: H&m, both jackets: J.Crew

Sorry for the iPhone photos…it was kind of my only camera option this morning and I was my only photographer available. At least I’m not posing in my bathroom mirror trying to look sexy. Also, apologies for not showing off the rest of my outfit, but there was a severe case of sweatpants and Uggs going on.


The Wang Saga

I made a really good purchase recently. REALLY GOOD. This purchase was kind of a hassle though…like, adopting a kid is probably easier than buying this jacket was. Have you guys ever heard of OTTE? It is (apparently) a small boutique, with three locations in NYC and an online e-commerce site. I have appreciated it’s unique and well-edited merchandise since I discovered the website – so much so, that I added it to my “Shoplog” on Gold Bars (WoooOOOOoooo BFD, Hillary). Anyways, on to the story… A few weeks ago, OTTE was offering an additional 20% off of all sale items and I fell in love with an amazing Alexander Wang jacket. It was 75% off, then the additional 20%, and there was only one left…IN MY SIZE. I put that size 2 in my cart right quick and proceeded to checkout. Here’s what happened next…


Email from OTTE: I am so sorry but we only have a size 4 of this jacket. Would you like that size instead? Thanks

Email reply from Me: Yes, I would be interested in trying it, but would I be able to return it if it is too big?

OTTE: I’m sorry but since this item is over 70% off we will not be able to accept a return. We can either cancel your order or ship you the size 4. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Me: I understand that that is your policy, but from a customer service standpoint, I would implore you to do something to make amends for this inconvenience. Whether it be free shipping, an additional discount, or an exception to your return policy does not matter, but it would be appreciated.

OTTE: I’m sorry we cannot offer a deeper discount since the item was 70% off and you received an additional 20% discount. We are sorry that our inventory was incorrect, it is frustrating to us as it is to our customers. Thank you.

Me: Free shipping?

OTTE: We will not be able to accommodate your request. Please let us know if you would like the 4. Thanks

Me: Well, Nordstroms you are not… but I do love this jacket. Can you at least tell me if it is running true to size, or smaller or larger?

OTTE: Yes the jacket does run true to size. We appreciate your business, and yes we are a small one woman owned boutique and by nature we operate on a different scale than a nationwide chain. Thank you for understanding.

Me: Oh shit, I thought I was ordering from Macy’s. Just kidding. I will take the 4, please.


Well, I haven’t received a reply from OTTE, but the jacket did arrive and it fits like a dream! I love it and have worn it nearly every day.

The sheer fabric and the top part are attached together…insta-layers! Love it. The top part is a coated linen but looks like leather, huh? Love it, too. The dress I’m wearing is Rodarte for Target and the shoes are Sam Edelman.

Thanks, OTTE!

*Editor’s Note: These photos were shot with an iPhone 4, by a boyfriend, and were not altered or edited in any way. :)

A red, white, and blue wardrobe.

This evening I depart for my Fourth of July weekend getaway in Tahoe with nineteen of my closest friends, four of whom I know. But first, we have to make a pit stop. Where you ask? I’ll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Reno.

Don’t know why, but I’m excited about it.

After a slumber party in The Biggest Little City in the World, our weekend begins. A weekend in which we must evade getting iced, but embrace getting suntans; we must wave our freak flags high and our American flags higher; but most relevantly, we must don outfits consisting entirely of red, white, and/or blue for the following thirty-six to forty-eight hours. It will be a challenge, but in the end it will be rewarding proof of our devotion and pride for the USA.

Here’s what I’m packing:

Unless I say it isn’t, it’s J.Crew…

White Dress: Don’t remember

Belt: Gift

Red Dress: Urban Outfitters $58 (Not too shabby!)

Sunglasses: Topshop (Hecka days ago)

White Blouse: Mom’s vintage

Red Necklace: Banana Republic (Also hecka days ago)

Shoes: French Sole (Also old…it’s tough to shop when you don’t poop gold bars)

I hope everyone has a festive Fourth of July weekend, and please, BE SAFE! :)

Frazzled Friday

Boy, did I have a hellish day at work today. So much stress and not enough patience! Gaaahh. Bygones though, it’s over now and I’m off to Sonoma for Alexis’ bachelorette party!! Should be a fun weekend filled with wine, girl talk, penis decorations, wonderful friends, and my exciting new purchase!

More on this delicious diddy later… :) I hope you all have as much fun this weekend as I plan on having!

A Diamond In The Rough

No, this is not a post about Tiger Woods.

I was surfing the internets during a bout of insomnia last night, when I caught wind that Gap had new releases in their Design Editions shoe collection. I was (of course) drawn to the floral bow wedge, but they were sold out of my size online (of course). I was a bit discouraged, but figured I was better off without them because they are $110 and I don’t poop gold bars. Le sigh.

Well after work today, I had an hour to kill before meeting up with a couple girlfriends to buy “decorations” for a bachelorette party this weekend (8===D), so I toodled over to Gap – with low expectations, mind you. I searched the store (twice) for anything resembling the coveted shoe I saw online but came up empty-footed (Get it??? Punny!). Just as I was about to leave, a boy in a vest asked me if I needed help finding anything. Oh hell. Why not? He knew just what I was talking about and directed me to them: tucked away in their boxes, underneath a platform with a bunch of manequinns on top, with no identifying signage (Ohhhh, I get it now! Gap doesn’t want to sell their merchandise. Obviously. Geeze.). There was ONE pair left in MY SIZE, and I had a GIFT CARD. Today, kids, I felt like I pooped gold bars.

It wasn’t always easy, but it sure was worth it.

Friday marked the two year anniversary of  when I successfully convinced a man to love me. To celebrate, he took me out to dinner and bought himself an iPad.

Vintage dress (no label). Chanel flats. Apple iPad.

I am like, really excited.

Now pooping iPads!

By Popular Demand

This is big: it’s my first outfit post! I’ve been meaning to start doing these for a while now, but I never seem to have time to photograph a good outfit. That or I don’t have the motivation. heh heh heh

Jacket: J.Crew, Shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: J Brand

Black Necklace: Exress, Crystal Square Necklace: J.Crew, All Other Necklaces: Vintage/MC’s

I get a lot of shit for these shoes. They are Jessica Simpson, but MC (my mom) only knows them as “hooker shoes”. The thing is, I know they’re kinda trashy, but I love them because they go with everything, make me really tall (relative to my normal height), and are comfortable enough to wear all night. I have absolutely worn them to death, as you can probably tell by all the scuff marks, but I won’t retire them until I can find an adequate replacement.

There you go! I hope you all enjoyed my first outfit post. There will be more to come, but probably not too frequently. ;)