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Good Morning, Upper East Siders

Today is hugely exciting. Season 4 of Gossip Girl returns!!! This winter hiatus nearly killed me – I mean, as if Monday’s weren’t bad enough already!

Let’s savor these photos and get amped up for the love triangles and the wardrobes.

I want to see more of this:

And less of this:


And lots and lots of this!


Gold Bars

All eye candy via


I’m not worthy!

I have a new favorite blogger. Her blog is seriously. so. awesome. Like, it’s so good that I am considering emailing her, and I’ve never considered emailing another blogger. That’s kind of creepy. It’s so good that I seriously contemplated not posting about it because in comparison my blog is mediocre, at best. Maybe it would help if I actually posted… mehhh.

Anyway, I spent so much time reading her blog today that I feel like we are BFF. The friendship was sealed when she used the term “lady boner” and I realized I had one. Her humour is self-deprecating (which is the best kind), and she’s hot but she doesn’t (seem to) care. And best of all… she embraces her “man repellant” style through and through. What is man repellant style, you ask? It’s when girls don ugly clothes that they think are attractive but men find fugly. Don’t know what it looks like? Examples:

Yes, that’s her.

I’m generally down with most of this shit, but I cannot and will not commit to trousers with baggy crotches. My ass is too big for them. It looks like I’m sporting a full diaper. So, yeah. That’s her blog. She’s The Man Repeller and all the images in this post are from her site. <– That’s me giving credit where credit is due.