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…then I’d wear an armful of Friedas.

OBSESSED: Frieda & NellieThe Frieda Bracelet (ANY and ALL of them).

Have you heard of Frieda & Nellie yet? I came across it quite some time ago and thought “oh neat” so I bookmarked it and then it just kind of swirled around on the edge of my consciousness (wtf?) until I saw the Frieda in person at Barney’s recently and was like “OH NEAT!” And now I want to wear like, five of them at all times. OBSESSED. Too bad they’re each at least 158 bones. I’m not saying they aren’t worth their weight in rhinestones, I’m just saying my long intestine isn’t a gold bar factory, and that’s kind of expensie.

Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid, the two (really cute and fun looking) girls behind this line of jewelry also whip up two other styles of bracelets, Metal Mamas and Nellies, and necklaces that are called… necklaces. I’m not trying to be judgmental, but I think there’s room for some creative improvement there, ladies.

Check out my current faves, and if you see one you want to buy me – act fast! Each design is one of a kind, so once it’s gone, you’re shit out of luck (don’t I know the feeling…). FYI: I have a tiny wrist, so pay attention to the size of each bracelet!

Love for Lollia Denver, $158

Sparkle On, $250

This Must Be the Place, $250

You Really Got Me, $158

Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star, $200

OBSESSED? IN LOVE? BUMMED because you’re getting me one, but now you want one for yourself? Don’t get too down… Frieda’s are like grownup friendship bracelets (unless you were in Troop Beverly Hills), so as long as we’re friends we can both have one!


Cool shit I got from Santa – Part 1

Sup poopers. Happy New Year! How were your Christmases/Chanukahs/Kwanzaas/nothing if you’re Jehovah’s Witness? I hope you got everything on your list! I didn’t make a list (aside from this unrealistic one here) so my expectations were outwardly low. But inside – HOOOO BOY! WAS I CROSSING MY FINGERS! Luckily, my family, friends, and boyfriend Santa rocks and made all of my unannounced wishes come true.

Sex and the City!!! ALL OF THEM.

Pretty perfume :)

The  cutest clutch EVER.

To be continued…


If I pooped gold bars I’d buy them myseeeeeeeelf, but I dooooon’t… so will yoooooou?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Slippers! $195

In case you’re freaking out because you already bought me the shoe version of this slipper – rest at ease because I see no problem in owning both. But seriously. I really need these.

When was the last time you bought me a present?

Loeffler Randal Piera Metal Tip Flats, $350

…then I wouldn’t be at work today.

I’d be at home (probably in bed), just finishing my Cyber Monday shopping (not that I would really care about sales), and I would be queuing up Sex and the City: Season 1, Episode 1. 

This post is part confession/part continuation of my holiday wish list. Here’s the confession: I’ve never seen SATC.

Ok, that’s a dramatization. I’ve seen both of the movies and caught an episode here and there, at friend’s houses or on regular cable TV, so I have a general idea of the storyline. It’s not that I didn’t want to watch it, I just couldn’t. Growing up, we didn’t have HBO and I wasn’t about to rent the seasons for fear that my dad would walk in during one of Samantha’s scenes… But now I don’t live at home and I’d like to own and watch the series – from start to finish. I want to witness every single one of Carrie Bradshaw’s ensembles and the creative places she stores her shoes. I don’t care as much about the plot, but I’m sure I would get into it.  

Second part of the post: I’m adding the SATC box set to my wish list.

Sex and the City: Complete Collection at – $159.99

Screw gift guides – here’s what I want.

Tis the season to be giving, so don’t you want to know what you should give to me? I accept presents for any and all holidays. I do not discriminate. In fact, I myself celebrate multiple holidays, so this is definitely okay. And now… On to the gift guide!

Inexpensive Items (not many)

A new bathrobe would be very nice. This one, specifically:

Calvin Klein by way of Shopbop – $98

Dinner and a movie date to see Black Swan. I don’t really care where the dinner part of the date is. Shit, I’d be happy with frozen yogurt and Black Swan.

Still of Natalie Portman in Black Swan via


Getting Up There (Price-wise)

A new rug for my bedroom. This Union Jack rug would be totes perf.

Jonathan Adler (2×3) $160


This turbet (aka: turban beret) is exactly what I need to keep warm this winter, and still dress like a man repeller.

Eugenia Kim via Barneys $195


The iPhone 4… The problem here is that I want the white one, which doesn’t exist yet.

Impossible dreams, inspired by Apple.


Let’s throw in an iPad, while we’re at it. Maybe some Apple stock too! Why not?!

If you can get Uncle Steve to hand-deliver this, I’ll love you forever.


Grand Finale

I want an x3, bitch. I definitely don’t need a car, nor do I have anywhere to put one, but whenever I see some lucky duck drive by in a BMW x3 (black exterior, beige or chestnut interior), I blow a load. The one below is pretty boring looking, but it’s just an example. Obviously I would prefer it tricked out with bigger wheels (21’s?), tinted windows, and pretty leather and wood trim on the inside.

I don’t remember where I found this picture. But you can go here to make a purchase.


And there you have it: MY Holiday 2011 Gift Guide. Something for no one, and everything for me.



I don’t give a gold bar if every other fashion blogger out there already has this Yves Saint Laurent ring. I trend-spotted it two years ago while perusing Selfridges, and have felt responsible for it’s exponential popularity ever since, despite the fact that I don’t own it… Meh, details.

With the holiday season upon us, I am sure my lust for this behemoth bauble will soon have the same fairytale ending as my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots did. Plz?!?

YSL ring at $195