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Cheap shit, oh YEAH!

I almost didn’t believe my eyes when I read the two numbers after the dollar sign. That’s right, only TWO. As in, not greater than 100. WHOA. However, that still doesn’t mean I’m going to indulge myself; I am on a strict, no-shopping (for myself) diet. This is actually the most committed I’ve ever been to a diet. Ever. Don’t believe me? I can’t blame you… I wouldn’t believe myself either if I didn’t have access to my bank account. But I DO. So I SWEAR.

Adia Kibur – White Stone Tiered Neclace, $48

I do have one concern about this necklace: would it be long enough?? Clearly it is a rather large necklace, but to that point, if it’s not large enough it won’t look right. What do you guys think? Otherwise, I love that it’s opaque.

Ta for now, poopers! Don’t be too concerned by this budget number I threw at you – there are many, many big-ticket, high-class, real fancy posts to come this week. I’m so excited about soooo many things that I can’t even begin to afford!


Heeeere kitty kitty kitty!

OH. mygod. Sephora + Hello Kitty = heaven in a makeup palette.

Maybe you know this about me, and maybe you don’t, but I love Hello Kitty. What started as a joke because I couldn’t understand why on earth all of Asia and half of the rest of the world would be obsessed with a CAT, has now turned into full-blown admiration.

I GET IT, Asia and half of the world. I am a believer now. That kitty grows on you. She does. P.S. this is me in Pisa. This photograph can be pinpointed as the moment my obsession turned from laughs to love.

Are you wondering why I’m telling you all of this? Well it’s because I’m really excited about the new line of Hello Kitty cosmetics at Sephora!!!!


This collection has everything from makeup to nail polish to shower caps. And I want it all. Duh.

Liquid Nail Art, $10

Say Hello Palette in “Super Fun”, $35

Brush Set, $49

Hello Kitty Fragrance, $55

Shower Cap, $16

See how cute it all is??? If you don’t think so now, watch out – you will.

This is my confession:

I am not excited about Lanvin <3 H&M.

There. I said it.

But why? Shh, shh, calm down. I’ll tell you…

It’s not so much that I’m not excited, as I’m just… disappointed. Like, there was SO much hype, and SO much buildup, that I kind of expected to be a little bit let down… but not this let down. Shit, Alber. The collection is predominantly dresses, which is great for this time of year, yes, but the lack of variety is puzzling. Only one patterned dress? Two dresses have the same “looks like a strapless dress but has a nude-netting-tank-top-section that really makes it a sleeveless dress” thing going on. TWO of those? Really?? And two one-shoulder dresses that really aren’t that different? Diversity, plz.

Saaaamesies. Bleh.

            Cute? Sure. Different? Not really.

Another aspect that I am disappointed by is the price point. What part of H&M means $350 coats and $250 dresses?? I don’t go to H&M to buy expensive clothes. Nope, I definitely do not. Not even for Lanvin <3 H&M. I’d rather save the $500+ that I could spend on diffusion Lanvin items and buy these Lanvin flats, which aren’t part of a lower-end collaboration. That’s right, no collaboration. No dilution. Just Lanvin concentrate.

Barney’s $775

Suuuure they’re really expensive, but the idea is quality over quantity, kids.

One last reason why I’m not going to shop Lanvin <3 H&M: The Crowds. I’d like to avoid the skinny vultures in tall shoes with sharp, perfectly manicured nails, who will be ruthless in their take-no-prisoners shopping tactics. It’s just too much to endure for overpriced knock-offs. Sorry.

But for those of you who are still willing to brave the masses and pay the price, let me know how it is! Despite all of the bashing, I’m still curious about the quality and execution of the line. I may be cynical and judgemental, but no one wants to see Alber Elbaz fail.

Images via fashionista, Barneys, and the daily truffle.

Self Inflicted Happiness

Maybe it was the full moon; maybe the stars were aligned with my chi, or it could be a good old fashioned coincidence…but whatever the case, I stumbled upon quiiiiite the little gem yesterday, and I’d love to share it with you! The wheels were set in motion yesterday morning when I nearly purchased the 600+ page September issue of InStyle at the magazine shop* next to my dry cleaners. I decided not to get it after realizing it would suck to carry around a cinderblock all day. Then lo and behold, that evening I arrived home to see the 600+ page bible sitting on our coffee table. Coincidence, or was I just silly to forget that my amazing roommate has a subscription?!? Bless her heart, either way. Also, bless the mail person that magically made that behemoth fashion guide fit in our tiny-ass mail box.  Someone’s been taking cues from Tim Gunn: Make it work!

Aaaanyways, onto the point… I’m only a little ways into the issue, but I am already going nuts-o about Cynthia Rowley’s Dress-Up Band-Aids!!!!!!!!! OMG. So cute! I will take one box and two paper cuts, please.


Images and happiness via; Band-Aids: $10/box

*If you live in San Francisco, you must must must check out this magazine shop, Smoke Signals. Think lots of foreign Vogues, even more obscure art mags, and an extensive collection on just about any hobby. It’s wonderful!

Yes, yes, yes!

Shearling was depicted all over the runways for  RTW Fall 2010, but most noticeably so by Burberry Prorsum.

Image via

I’m positive that I am not alone in my inability to afford the Burb edition, so I’ve found a suitable alternative for those that don’t sh!t gold bars:

Aqua via – $198

I have posted about Aqua before, so maybe you know how much I love the brand. If you aren’t on the same bandwagon, then please allow this to be a testament to it’s stylish and current, yet low-budget, capabilities.


If I was getting married, I would register for these:

I’m not sure what I would do without Daily Candy in my inbox every morning!

Wanted (aside from gold bars): Sunnies

Hi ya’ll. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July! Reno and Tahoe were great, but I definitely saw a lot of people doing very foolish things, which always makes the worry-wart in me freeeeaaak out. This is a really fun quality to have at parties. But whatevs, at least I looked cute.

Aaaaanyways…I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I spend an entire weekend/vacation wearing the same pair of sunglasses, I come home wanting new ones, like REAL BAD. I think this longing is caused partially by boredom from wearing the same retina shields day after day, and partially by extensive scrutiny of how they look on your face in every picture taken over the entire trip. So when I got home this afternoon, the first thing I did was search for eligible sunnies. I came across these Karen Walker pairs, like I have time and time again, and was reminded how much I loooove them. Brown glasses look best with my colouring, and I really dig the high contrast tortoise on these two; it spices them up juuuust enough.

Helter Skelter $170

Deep Freeze $170

This may sound outrageous, but considering the amount of money I’ve spent on sunglasses in the past, the aren’t too bad at $170 (especially for good quality, name-brand, dope as f*ck sunglasses). You could easily pay double, or nearly triple, for a similar pair of shades. Case in point: these A.R. Trapp troubadour sunglasses from J.Crew:

Troubadour $395

I have to be honest with you guys…I like the A.R. Trapps a LOT more, but poor people can’t be choosy!