Cheap shit, oh YEAH!

I almost didn’t believe my eyes when I read the two numbers after the dollar sign. That’s right, only TWO. As in, not greater than 100. WHOA. However, that still doesn’t mean I’m going to indulge myself; I am on a strict, no-shopping (for myself) diet. This is actually the most committed I’ve ever been to a diet. Ever. Don’t believe me? I can’t blame you… I wouldn’t believe myself either if I didn’t have access to my bank account. But I DO. So I SWEAR.

Adia Kibur – White Stone Tiered Neclace, $48

I do have one concern about this necklace: would it be long enough?? Clearly it is a rather large necklace, but to that point, if it’s not large enough it won’t look right. What do you guys think? Otherwise, I love that it’s opaque.

Ta for now, poopers! Don’t be too concerned by this budget number I threw at you – there are many, many big-ticket, high-class, real fancy posts to come this week. I’m so excited about soooo many things that I can’t even begin to afford!


2 responses to “Cheap shit, oh YEAH!

  1. This is so you! You may need to have a ‘cheat day’ and pick this up :)

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