Drumroll Please… The Nannette!

So there’s this brand called Reiss. I fell in love with it while living in London, but per usual, it was horrendously out of my budget. It’s wildly popular in the UK, but only mildly so in the USA. I predict that’s about to change though…

See that dress Kate Middleton’s wearing? Yeah, it’s Reiss: The Nannette Dress. And today they are putting it back online. FOR COMMONERS TO BUY. If you consider the publicity, site/store visits, and monetary gain that Reiss will receive because of this dress, you could make the conclusion that Kate Middleton poops gold bars. Theoretically, of course. Lucky royal bitch. I love her.

I predict a bum rush on this dreamy, creamy dress, so in an effort to stay ahead of the masses and make you little poopers fall in love with Reiss too, I have hand selected (with my cursor) some of my favorite pieces. And yes, you can lump the Nannette dress in with my picks too.

The Tilda Coat – $475 on sale for $237

The Chris Shirt – $165 on sale for $87

The Sonia Dress – $375

The Murphy Hat – $110

The Jacqueline Bracelet – $60



The Nannette!

Sorry I can’t link you to the dress; it doesn’t appear to be online yet. That or I totally missed the boat and it’s already sold out! Hope not – I”ll keep you posted!

Update: The Nannette dress is now online! Click here :)


8 responses to “Drumroll Please… The Nannette!

  1. such an inspiring post. i love kate, too. and reiss! good finds. i want the sonia dress.

  2. Wow…I love the dress and bracelet! Very smart of Reiss…and I loved that Kate wore that dress for the engagement shoot out of her own closet. How chic and down-to-earth of her! :)

  3. LOVE the chris shirt & murphy hat- seems like a super cool brand! Cool post, as per usual :)



  4. one. love the mild site redesign.

    two. shocking, for once i OWN something from the designer you blog about!

    three. i couldn’t think of another thing to say, so ummm, hai

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