The last thing I need…

…is more nail polish. One of my new year’s resolutions is to spend less money and nail polish seems like a good thing to cut out, especially since I’m partial to the $25 variety. Not to mention, I already have plenty of colors to choose from (plus my roommate’s even more plentiful selection) and half the time, I end up getting my nails done at a salon anyway. Should be a no brainer…

But I LOVE nail polish. I love it glittery, crackly, velvety, shiny, shimmery, matte, iridescent, scented, and any other way the nail fairies dream up. I love all nail polishes across the color spectrum equally: it does not scare me one bit to paint my nails putrid green, neon orange, or matte black. In addition to all of that, I’m also a sucker for witty nail polish names. That’s right; I get a perverse amount of joy from turning the little bottle upside down and hopefully being rewarded with a giggle. Basically what I’m getting at is… OPI has a new collection of nail polish inspired by Texas, and some of the names are real doozies! My favorites are: Do You Think I’m Tex-y?, Houston We Have A Purple, and Guy Meets Gal-veston. The Texas collection is for Spring/Summer 2011 and won’t be out until February, so WATCH FOR IT.

But that’s not it Poopers! OPI also has an insane new nail polish that gives your manicure a crackle finish. I once put a crackle finish on a dresser and I really loved the outcome, so I’m super eager to try it out on my fingers! Did I mention that Katie Perry is the collaborator for this ingenious new nail art? As if you needed any more incentive to try it!

Last but not least in exciting new nail trends, we have Salon Effects, brought to you by Sally Hansen. Salon  Effects is a tacky indulgence: a line of  nail stickers, essentially, but like super long-lasting nail stickers with fun designs* and zero drying time. I tried them out last week. Guess who’s a sucker for Salon Effects?! I went with the denim nails (which actually aren’t shown in the pic below) and next time I’m thinking butterflies. Or the fishnet stocking. Decisions, decisions. Life is hard.

*There are solid colors if you’re boring or have a real job.


3 responses to “The last thing I need…

  1. This post rocks. I love the Texas names too!!

  2. Sister loves to comment. I will be in Texas this time next week, and I guess I’ll have to go again after I buy this collection in Feb. xo

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and you can totes borrow.

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