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OMG Saaamesies!

As Nicole Kidman so eloquently stated on the red carpet at the SAG awards, “I love bows” pretty much hits the nail on the head for me. I’m currently feeling extra special love for this bow. It would be the perfect bow for a swanky dinner date on Valentine’s Day, no?

Giorgio Armani, Resort 2011


So Two Seasons Ago

What I have:

What I want:

Tory Burch Nicholyn Bow-Toe Flat, $250

Heeeere kitty kitty kitty!

OH. mygod. Sephora + Hello Kitty = heaven in a makeup palette.

Maybe you know this about me, and maybe you don’t, but I love Hello Kitty. What started as a joke because I couldn’t understand why on earth all of Asia and half of the rest of the world would be obsessed with a CAT, has now turned into full-blown admiration.

I GET IT, Asia and half of the world. I am a believer now. That kitty grows on you. She does. P.S. this is me in Pisa. This photograph can be pinpointed as the moment my obsession turned from laughs to love.

Are you wondering why I’m telling you all of this? Well it’s because I’m really excited about the new line of Hello Kitty cosmetics at Sephora!!!!


This collection has everything from makeup to nail polish to shower caps. And I want it all. Duh.

Liquid Nail Art, $10

Say Hello Palette in “Super Fun”, $35

Brush Set, $49

Hello Kitty Fragrance, $55

Shower Cap, $16

See how cute it all is??? If you don’t think so now, watch out – you will.

Happy Birthday, Nips!

Before we get started: Nips is my boyfriend. No, that is not his real name, but it is what I call him. In fact, I use his real name so infrequently that he probably wouldn’t even realize I was talking about him if I used it. Thus: Nips. Moving on…

In honor of his birthday, and in response to numerous requests to write about mens fashion and style, this post is dedicated to all my male poopers out there. Lady poopers, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you; you’ll find this post useful because instead of struggling to teach your man the art of dressing, you can just send him here. If you don’t have a man, don’t worry – I thought about you too: there’s plenty of eye candy in this post! If you’re a woman without a man and you’re into women… well, I can’t please everyone. Please check back tomorrow.

These images are from Pitti Uomo 2011 (aka: the latest men’s fashion week) and are either runway looks or street style shots. The point being: this is the most current and relevant look at how men should dress. Please, be inspired but don’t go out of your comfort zone. It will show.

Here we have a great example of how to work within the confines of the “business casual” dress code. Notice he is not wearing anything crazy (like drop-crotch pants or a snood), just the basics – although his basics are anything but generic.

From the Bottega Veneta runway

If your life calls for a suit, then pay attention to FIT and DETAILS. Observe:

I’m not saying you have to don a silk scarf, but again, success is in the details. Don’t be afraid to play with color and patterns, but if you don’t know how to do this tastefully, then stick to a monotone look (top image). It’s a much easier way to make a nice statement.

Below you will find great examples of casual looks, learn that it’s okay to pop your collar (as long as you aren’t a douche about it), and hopefully have the revelation that there is life outside of jeans, tshirts, and hoodies.

If you deconstruct this look, you’ll find that it’s not at all intimidating. He is really just wearing jeans and a button down shirt, then threw on a great coat and a man-approved scarf. Beanie optional. Don’t forget the details! Cuffed sleeve, popped collar, length of scarf, simple but sophisticated colors…

Great layering, classic color combo, popped collar

For you rugged manly-men: unpolished but still looking good. I think the key is in owning clothes that are easy to mix and match. A few great coats and light-weight jackets, numerous button down shirts (plaid, checked, solid, NOT floral, and if you can’t avoid it all together, don’t overdo it on short sleeve) and pants in every wash of denim and iteration of khaki. Pay attention to fit: don’t wear your clothes too baggy or large. You will look sloppy.

There is nothing more tops than a confident man in classic outerwear. You can throw a coat like this on over (almost) anything and look great.

Now, let’s travel downward and give some attention to footwear. Guys, you have more options than just sneakers and desert boots…

Not a huge stretch from desert boots, yet totally different: same general silhouette, but more structured and substantial. Don’t feel like your pants have to fall perfectly over the boot. Sometimes the best details come from imperfection. You can cuff your pants, as shown here (but not too perfectly!), or just let your pants scrunch or sit however they will.

See dudes? You have options! And it looks good. Dressing well does not mean you have to emulate Johnny Weir.

Another fantastic shoe style and something often overlooked: Socks. They are a small item that makes a big impact. Have fun with them. Be bold. But do NOT embarrass me by wearing any with cartoons or holiday themes.

The following are examples of the integration between fashion and technology, something I assume men can get excited about.

Don’t forget to note the details of his outfit! This is a very well dressed man who makes good decisions with his electronics.

fashion + function

This last one is just funny.


All images via The Sartorialist, Jak + Jill, and GQ

Supes Cute

I really really want these. Why? Because velvet + ballet flat = awesome.

Emma Hope* £219

These tennies are also high up on my wish list and coincidentally very relevant to this post!

Emma Hope* £249

*Ironically, I have no hope of being able to afford these.

Drumroll Please… The Nannette!

So there’s this brand called Reiss. I fell in love with it while living in London, but per usual, it was horrendously out of my budget. It’s wildly popular in the UK, but only mildly so in the USA. I predict that’s about to change though…

See that dress Kate Middleton’s wearing? Yeah, it’s Reiss: The Nannette Dress. And today they are putting it back online. FOR COMMONERS TO BUY. If you consider the publicity, site/store visits, and monetary gain that Reiss will receive because of this dress, you could make the conclusion that Kate Middleton poops gold bars. Theoretically, of course. Lucky royal bitch. I love her.

I predict a bum rush on this dreamy, creamy dress, so in an effort to stay ahead of the masses and make you little poopers fall in love with Reiss too, I have hand selected (with my cursor) some of my favorite pieces. And yes, you can lump the Nannette dress in with my picks too.

The Tilda Coat – $475 on sale for $237

The Chris Shirt – $165 on sale for $87

The Sonia Dress – $375

The Murphy Hat – $110

The Jacqueline Bracelet – $60



The Nannette!

Sorry I can’t link you to the dress; it doesn’t appear to be online yet. That or I totally missed the boat and it’s already sold out! Hope not – I”ll keep you posted!

Update: The Nannette dress is now online! Click here :)

Good Morning, Upper East Siders

Today is hugely exciting. Season 4 of Gossip Girl returns!!! This winter hiatus nearly killed me – I mean, as if Monday’s weren’t bad enough already!

Let’s savor these photos and get amped up for the love triangles and the wardrobes.

I want to see more of this:

And less of this:


And lots and lots of this!


Gold Bars

All eye candy via