If I could poop it, I’d wear it.

Why not?

Besides the price and general ridiculousness, I won’t get these shades because I’d have to fight Kanye for them. My guess is he’s scrappy. Mykita – $525 at Bergdorf

For those schizophrenic days… Lanvin – $3,802 at Colette

I mean… come on, where COULDN’T you wear these? Balmain – $3,374 at Colette

La deeda! Just because! Christian Louboutin – $3,095

Brooches: something I always want a gaggle of, but never have. Tiffany & Co.

These items allllll put together double as a last minute Halloween costume: très fonctionnelle!


5 responses to “If I could poop it, I’d wear it.

  1. i’;ve got an awesome gold post on the 28th, so check on my blog to see it.
    andddd i’ve got a giveaway!

  2. Those pants are fabulous.

  3. you are kind of hilarious. I love the title of your blog too. I’m now following.


  4. girllll you don’t have a blog lovin tab?? or something? guess I’m not following :(

    • Hi! Gold Bars is on bloglovin, but I don’t know how to put a “follow me” button on le blog… That’s embarrassing, but it’s the truth. Thank you for stopping by though and search for GB on bloglovin! :)

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