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What to Wear: NYC Blizzard Edition

Take your queues from Chanel and you’ll stay toasty warm during this heavy, bitch of a storm. Or, just move to California and hang out with me. I honestly don’t know which would be cheaper.


If I could poop it, I’d wear it.

Why not?

Besides the price and general ridiculousness, I won’t get these shades because I’d have to fight Kanye for them. My guess is he’s scrappy. Mykita – $525 at Bergdorf

For those schizophrenic days… Lanvin – $3,802 at Colette

I mean… come on, where COULDN’T you wear these? Balmain – $3,374 at Colette

La deeda! Just because! Christian Louboutin – $3,095

Brooches: something I always want a gaggle of, but never have. Tiffany & Co.

These items allllll put together double as a last minute Halloween costume: très fonctionnelle!


If I pooped gold bars I’d buy them myseeeeeeeelf, but I dooooon’t… so will yoooooou?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Slippers! $195

In case you’re freaking out because you already bought me the shoe version of this slipper – rest at ease because I see no problem in owning both. But seriously. I really need these.

When was the last time you bought me a present?

Loeffler Randal Piera Metal Tip Flats, $350

You will not believe this!

Remember how I went on a little rant about wanting a velvet jumpsuit, just a few days ago?? Well poopers, my ranting has been heard! However, my rants about wanting to poo gold have not, which is why I won’t be sporting this perfect little diddy come NYE…

Velvet Wrap Jumpsuit via – $248

**Sorry about not having an image on this post all day… turns out WordPress’ post-by-email feature isn’t foolproof.


Lulu Frost + J.Crew = Super Cute

Lulu Frost for J.Crew vintage deco sunray necklace
Vintage Deco Sunray Necklace, $185

Lulu Frost for J.Crew heirloom snow-buckle bracelet
Heirloom Snow-Buckle Bracelet, $125

Lulu Frost for J.Crew modern deco long drop earrings
Modern Deco Long Drop Earrings, $85

Oh, hey December.

I can’t believe it’s already the last month of 2010! I know I’m not alone in this sentiment because every single person I encounter or blog I read keeps exclaiming, “OMG. This year FLEW by.” Yeah, I know. And I know you know too. Don’t worry, I promise not to bore you with a “thoughtful reflection of my posts over the year,” because that’s kind of lame. But what I will tell you, is that I’m so excited San Francisco has finally caught up to the change in seasons. It’s officially cold enough for me to wear stuff like this without sweating:

vest: H&m, both jackets: J.Crew

Sorry for the iPhone photos…it was kind of my only camera option this morning and I was my only photographer available. At least I’m not posing in my bathroom mirror trying to look sexy. Also, apologies for not showing off the rest of my outfit, but there was a severe case of sweatpants and Uggs going on.