…then I wouldn’t be at work today.

I’d be at home (probably in bed), just finishing my Cyber Monday shopping (not that I would really care about sales), and I would be queuing up Sex and the City: Season 1, Episode 1. 

This post is part confession/part continuation of my holiday wish list. Here’s the confession: I’ve never seen SATC.

Ok, that’s a dramatization. I’ve seen both of the movies and caught an episode here and there, at friend’s houses or on regular cable TV, so I have a general idea of the storyline. It’s not that I didn’t want to watch it, I just couldn’t. Growing up, we didn’t have HBO and I wasn’t about to rent the seasons for fear that my dad would walk in during one of Samantha’s scenes… But now I don’t live at home and I’d like to own and watch the series – from start to finish. I want to witness every single one of Carrie Bradshaw’s ensembles and the creative places she stores her shoes. I don’t care as much about the plot, but I’m sure I would get into it.  

Second part of the post: I’m adding the SATC box set to my wish list.

Sex and the City: Complete Collection at Amazon.com – $159.99


2 responses to “…then I wouldn’t be at work today.

  1. Here’s my confession; I always thought it was sex IN the city.


    And that proves ive never seen it.

  2. i want you to have this b/c i want it, too!

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