This is my confession:

I am not excited about Lanvin <3 H&M.

There. I said it.

But why? Shh, shh, calm down. I’ll tell you…

It’s not so much that I’m not excited, as I’m just… disappointed. Like, there was SO much hype, and SO much buildup, that I kind of expected to be a little bit let down… but not this let down. Shit, Alber. The collection is predominantly dresses, which is great for this time of year, yes, but the lack of variety is puzzling. Only one patterned dress? Two dresses have the same “looks like a strapless dress but has a nude-netting-tank-top-section that really makes it a sleeveless dress” thing going on. TWO of those? Really?? And two one-shoulder dresses that really aren’t that different? Diversity, plz.

Saaaamesies. Bleh.

            Cute? Sure. Different? Not really.

Another aspect that I am disappointed by is the price point. What part of H&M means $350 coats and $250 dresses?? I don’t go to H&M to buy expensive clothes. Nope, I definitely do not. Not even for Lanvin <3 H&M. I’d rather save the $500+ that I could spend on diffusion Lanvin items and buy these Lanvin flats, which aren’t part of a lower-end collaboration. That’s right, no collaboration. No dilution. Just Lanvin concentrate.

Barney’s $775

Suuuure they’re really expensive, but the idea is quality over quantity, kids.

One last reason why I’m not going to shop Lanvin <3 H&M: The Crowds. I’d like to avoid the skinny vultures in tall shoes with sharp, perfectly manicured nails, who will be ruthless in their take-no-prisoners shopping tactics. It’s just too much to endure for overpriced knock-offs. Sorry.

But for those of you who are still willing to brave the masses and pay the price, let me know how it is! Despite all of the bashing, I’m still curious about the quality and execution of the line. I may be cynical and judgemental, but no one wants to see Alber Elbaz fail.

Images via fashionista, Barneys, and the daily truffle.


3 responses to “This is my confession:

  1. Love this post!! And those flats are adorable!!!

  2. Knock Offs!

    Turns out Lanvin isn’t good enough.

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