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…then Shopbop would have asked ME.

I noticed via my twitter feed that Shopbop has asked some of the more prominent fashion insiders to pick their “15 winter must-haves.” Much to your surprise, I’m sure, Shopbop asked for nothing of the sort from Gold Bars. In a totally un-offended matter, I decided to handpick my must-haves anyways. I’m sure in hindsight Shopbop will appreciate it.

1.  I love this Tibi dress. It can go from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side in a flash, and depending on your job and a nice pair of navy Wolford tights, from work to the bar! And thanks to the long sleeves, you’ll stay warm well into the night. Tibi – Zola Draped Shift Dress, $380

2.  This jacket can do double-duty: wear it with jeans (or jeggings!) on the weekend to grab coffee, or skank it up like the model in this picture to go clubbing at night wit ur gurls. Patterson J. Kincaid – Justyna Faux Fur Jacket, $268

3.  This one is a major must-have, obvi. I’ve blogged about it before, and I’m still trying to poop a gold bar like, 32 times a day so that I can buy it. DVF – Fur Hoodie Jacket, $2,850

4.  Okay, clearly I’m obsessed with outerwear. Who cares? It’s cold! I love the little wings on the shoulders. And the gold buttons. And the nipped in waist. And the perfect sleeve length. *sigh* SMYTHE – Military Coat, $795

5.  This Jenni Kayne skirt is totes office approp and doesn’t suck balls! #whataretheodds Jenni Kayne – Godet Miniskirt, $375. For all the fun lovers out there, it also comes in purple!

6.  Is this is awesome because it will keep you warm on those cold winter nights? Or because I’m impractical and just think it’s pretty??? Either way, it’s practically sold out, so tough luck sistas. La Fee Verte Silk Teddy, $150

7.  Finding an oversized yet chic turtleneck is a matter of life or death for a fashionista during the fattening holidays. Voila: Joie Fidelle Turtleneck Sweater, $308

8.  Tie-dye never REALLY goes out of style, as it’s never really IN style, and it has year-round appeal (if you live in San Francisco). Bonus Points: this piece in particular reminds me of Proenza Schouler Spring 2010. Torn by Ronny Kobo, Roxy Sparks Tee, $115

9.  To shield your eyes from the blinding winter sun glaring off the snow-covered ground, may I suggest these foldable Chloe sunglasses? Okay then, I will! Chloe Dionee Foldable Sunglasses – $398

10.  To carry your foldable sunglasses, you will only need a small purse. But in the harsh winter months, you also need somethin tough. This guy looks pretty much waterproof and has some sturdy little nubbins to protect it slash look hardcore. Alexander Wang Angela Patent Small Pouchette, $670

11.  Can these still be on my must-have list even if I already have them? I’m not too clear on the official rules of these picks, since I wasn’t formally asked to do this, but I’m going to include these booties since my “must have” feelings led to a freaking awesome purchase. Pelle Moda Kenda Suede Booties, $190

12.  This fur hood is one part ridiculous and two parts absurd, which I think is also the equation for a right triangle. Thakoon Fur Hood, $2,820

13.  Let’s throw another pair of shoes into the mix. Not just for the heck of it, but because if there’s anything I’ve learned in my 24 years of shoe wearing, it’s that you can never have too many pairs of black flats. Besides, these are beeee-utiful and come in tan too. Elizabeth and James Jolt Haircalf Tapered Flats, $265

Allow me to dress you for your New Year’s Eve soiree with my last two picks…

14.  I am totes planning on wearing a jumpsuit this NYE, and I thought FOR SURE I had found The One this morning when I check out “What’s New” on Shoppityboppity. WRONG. Why? Well, when I first saw the onesie pictured, I thought it was allllll velvet (in reality, it’s silk with just a velvet bow) and I got really excited because I thought, “How great! I’ve never seen a velvet jumpsuit – not since 5th grade, at least.” And now I am stuck on the idea of a fully velvet jumpsuit and can’t decide if I should pull the trigger on this guy or not. Would I be satisfied with a silk jumpsuit? Would I feel seasonally inappropriate in such a light-weight fabric? I don’t know! But if you do go for this, I suggest springing for the Pour la Victoire pumps shown as well. Soooo perfect. Juicy Couture Silk Jumpsuit with Velvet Bow, $248

15.  Drumroll please, for my 15th must-have and icing on the NYE outfit… I diiiiieeeeee for this necklace! Somebody pretty please send it to me in a random (and free) act of kindness?? Tuleste Market Interlocking Circles Crystal Necklace, $375

Whew. Done! Take that, fashion insiders and Shopbop! Although, sadly, it just occurred to me that the winter items said insiders get to pick through are probably yet to be released and therefore infinitely cooler than anything I just picked out. Womp womp.

All images courtesy of my all-time favourite best shopping site ever,


…then I wouldn’t be at work today.

I’d be at home (probably in bed), just finishing my Cyber Monday shopping (not that I would really care about sales), and I would be queuing up Sex and the City: Season 1, Episode 1. 

This post is part confession/part continuation of my holiday wish list. Here’s the confession: I’ve never seen SATC.

Ok, that’s a dramatization. I’ve seen both of the movies and caught an episode here and there, at friend’s houses or on regular cable TV, so I have a general idea of the storyline. It’s not that I didn’t want to watch it, I just couldn’t. Growing up, we didn’t have HBO and I wasn’t about to rent the seasons for fear that my dad would walk in during one of Samantha’s scenes… But now I don’t live at home and I’d like to own and watch the series – from start to finish. I want to witness every single one of Carrie Bradshaw’s ensembles and the creative places she stores her shoes. I don’t care as much about the plot, but I’m sure I would get into it.  

Second part of the post: I’m adding the SATC box set to my wish list.

Sex and the City: Complete Collection at – $159.99

Screw gift guides – here’s what I want.

Tis the season to be giving, so don’t you want to know what you should give to me? I accept presents for any and all holidays. I do not discriminate. In fact, I myself celebrate multiple holidays, so this is definitely okay. And now… On to the gift guide!

Inexpensive Items (not many)

A new bathrobe would be very nice. This one, specifically:

Calvin Klein by way of Shopbop – $98

Dinner and a movie date to see Black Swan. I don’t really care where the dinner part of the date is. Shit, I’d be happy with frozen yogurt and Black Swan.

Still of Natalie Portman in Black Swan via


Getting Up There (Price-wise)

A new rug for my bedroom. This Union Jack rug would be totes perf.

Jonathan Adler (2×3) $160


This turbet (aka: turban beret) is exactly what I need to keep warm this winter, and still dress like a man repeller.

Eugenia Kim via Barneys $195


The iPhone 4… The problem here is that I want the white one, which doesn’t exist yet.

Impossible dreams, inspired by Apple.


Let’s throw in an iPad, while we’re at it. Maybe some Apple stock too! Why not?!

If you can get Uncle Steve to hand-deliver this, I’ll love you forever.


Grand Finale

I want an x3, bitch. I definitely don’t need a car, nor do I have anywhere to put one, but whenever I see some lucky duck drive by in a BMW x3 (black exterior, beige or chestnut interior), I blow a load. The one below is pretty boring looking, but it’s just an example. Obviously I would prefer it tricked out with bigger wheels (21’s?), tinted windows, and pretty leather and wood trim on the inside.

I don’t remember where I found this picture. But you can go here to make a purchase.


And there you have it: MY Holiday 2011 Gift Guide. Something for no one, and everything for me.


I didn’t think it could get any worse…

but I was so, so wrong.

Sick. This is just not okay. J Brand has done it again, and Shopbop is encouraging it! Houlihan Cargo Shorts, $198… If you’re into wasting money.


I don’t give a gold bar if every other fashion blogger out there already has this Yves Saint Laurent ring. I trend-spotted it two years ago while perusing Selfridges, and have felt responsible for it’s exponential popularity ever since, despite the fact that I don’t own it… Meh, details.

With the holiday season upon us, I am sure my lust for this behemoth bauble will soon have the same fairytale ending as my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots did. Plz?!?

YSL ring at $195

…then I would go on a McQueen spree.

Who doesn’t love Alexander McQueen? No one, clearly. So like, obviously, I would die to own AAAAANYTHING from the eponymous label by the late, great, Lee Alexander McQueen (RIP brutha), but since you asked, these are the specific pieces I dream about.

Fuuuuuuuuck. It’s so pretty. Only $2,855…NBD.

Everyone needs a jacket with tailcoats! $1,675

No rings necessary. $1,895 $3,995

I mean, it IS winter…one DOES need an umbrella. $495

“God Save McQueen” scarf – if only he could have :( $595

This badass ring is actually somewhat obtainable, price-wise! $260

This is my confession:

I am not excited about Lanvin <3 H&M.

There. I said it.

But why? Shh, shh, calm down. I’ll tell you…

It’s not so much that I’m not excited, as I’m just… disappointed. Like, there was SO much hype, and SO much buildup, that I kind of expected to be a little bit let down… but not this let down. Shit, Alber. The collection is predominantly dresses, which is great for this time of year, yes, but the lack of variety is puzzling. Only one patterned dress? Two dresses have the same “looks like a strapless dress but has a nude-netting-tank-top-section that really makes it a sleeveless dress” thing going on. TWO of those? Really?? And two one-shoulder dresses that really aren’t that different? Diversity, plz.

Saaaamesies. Bleh.

            Cute? Sure. Different? Not really.

Another aspect that I am disappointed by is the price point. What part of H&M means $350 coats and $250 dresses?? I don’t go to H&M to buy expensive clothes. Nope, I definitely do not. Not even for Lanvin <3 H&M. I’d rather save the $500+ that I could spend on diffusion Lanvin items and buy these Lanvin flats, which aren’t part of a lower-end collaboration. That’s right, no collaboration. No dilution. Just Lanvin concentrate.

Barney’s $775

Suuuure they’re really expensive, but the idea is quality over quantity, kids.

One last reason why I’m not going to shop Lanvin <3 H&M: The Crowds. I’d like to avoid the skinny vultures in tall shoes with sharp, perfectly manicured nails, who will be ruthless in their take-no-prisoners shopping tactics. It’s just too much to endure for overpriced knock-offs. Sorry.

But for those of you who are still willing to brave the masses and pay the price, let me know how it is! Despite all of the bashing, I’m still curious about the quality and execution of the line. I may be cynical and judgemental, but no one wants to see Alber Elbaz fail.

Images via fashionista, Barneys, and the daily truffle.