Sooo, Zara…

About that whole “swastika” thing that happened a few years back… That was an accident, right? Zara isn’t actually anti-semitic, right??

Because I’m crushing hard on their fall stuff and need to know if I’m allowed to shop there or not.


Images via

So yeah, that’s what I want, along with like FIFTY OTHER THINGS that I was too lazy to clip images of.


7 responses to “Sooo, Zara…

  1. Not allowed. Even if it was an accident – not like they did anything about it.

  2. I WANT ALL OF THE ABOVE. Sorry I didnt even read any of the words and didnt notice the swastika part as I blacked out on all the beauty especially the CAPE. Zara trip in NYC???

  3. Sooo, don’t have your number and you still don’t have an email on here? Jeez!

    The secret sparkly item you wanted is on hold until tomorrow night for you. Sale :)

  4. very style-ish even I like all… the looks
    oh what to do!?

  5. Swastikas aside, I MUST have that white dress.

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