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These too.

I feel that these would be beneficial to my NY wardrobe as well. However, I would have to forgo the actual trip to New York to afford them. Can’t win ’em all…

Christian Louboutin $995


New York!

I’m going to NY on Thursday and I kind of feel like I need these. They’d come in handy, right??

Kate Spade $65

Must Have! I’m Obsessed.

I looooove Jennifer Behr…’s headbands. Especially all of these sumptuous leather and velvet ones for Fall!

Leather Dinosaur Studded Headband, $162 … I like it in black.

Grande Velvet Braid Headband, (only) $92! I love the pewter color, but if I didn’t already have a ruby-colored velvet headband, I’d probably be pining for that shade too.

Leather Turban Headwrap, $198. This olive color is sooo dreamy.

Wrapped Leather Headband, $162. I. Want. It. Color clay looks pretty.

Guess what’s super convenient? Right now, Jennifer Behr is offering 20% off all merchandise with the code ‘Fallinlove’. Don’t you just love Fall?!?

ZOMG! I just now, right this moment, realized something else that is also super convenient! My birthday is coming up! How about that???


Sooo, Zara…

About that whole “swastika” thing that happened a few years back… That was an accident, right? Zara isn’t actually anti-semitic, right??

Because I’m crushing hard on their fall stuff and need to know if I’m allowed to shop there or not.


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So yeah, that’s what I want, along with like FIFTY OTHER THINGS that I was too lazy to clip images of.

Mom. Mommmm. MOM!

Will you get these for me? Please?

Anthropologie, $96

Is it bad that I want this?

Eugenia Kim