…I would probably hit Mother Nature in the face with one.

Wut iz up foooools?!? It’s Friday night* and I’m sooooo drunk! …Off of froyo and blogging.

You know what’s annoying? San Francisco had like, five winters this Summer and now that it’s officially two days (one day? three days?) into Fall, the fog disappears and the temperature rises. What gives?

In protest of Mother Nature going through “The Change”, here are just some of the coats that have me all lusty-mcluster-like for colder weather.

A cape! That won’t swallow your whole body and render your arms unusable. Nanette Lepore, Shopbop $398

Something about a technicolor dream coat? Daughters of the Revolution, ShopBop $220

I live in San Francisco… I’m allowed to like as many rainbow coats as I want. DVF $2,850

I don’t know where this one came from because the image has been saved on my desktop for so long. I’m sorry if that upsets whoever should be getting credit for this snuggly bathrobe-turned-street-wear-turned-back-to-bath-robe-once-you-get-home. It’s just, really great. <3

Out of Stock…womp womp. Jason Wu, Kirna Zabete $1,950

Okay, I am just going to stop there. I could seriously go on and on about coats that I want. Definitely my favorite clothing item to purchase. (BOLD statement. I didn’t even think about that before I typed it. It must be true.) There’s not even a rhyme or reason to my picks…It is just what I think is pretty or intriguing, not what I need or am lacking in my closet. Nope, nope, nope. None of that practicality bull shit.

For good measure, let’s end this post with a headband:

It comes in giraffe print too! Jennifer Ouellette, Barneys $65

*It was Friday night when I wrote this.


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