A White Moment


Are you watching Rachel Zoe this season? I am, and there’s a small obsession brewing in my fashion loins. The show is currently chronicling her attendance at the Fall 2010 fashion shows and the prep work she must do to dress her clients for the Oscars… This is like my dream job/life/wardrobe being played out before my very eyes. Plus, her assistant-turned-style-director, Brad, is adorable. I die.

So if you’re watching, you will know that she loves dressing her clients in white (and wearing it herself) because she believes in the power of “a white moment”. I mean, she’s kind of right. It is a stunning color, and even though it’s fairly common, you just don’t see people wearing all white very often. Here are some images I’ve bookmarked over time because they are pretty, or inspiring, or intriguing, and they just so happen to fabulously showcase “a white moment”!

From Southern Flourish Magazine. She’s wearing white, everyone is staring at herrrr.

Jak & Jil Blog

via Studded Hearts

See what I mean? RZ is on to something.


One response to “A White Moment

  1. Ok, we need to talk about Rachel Zoe.

    PS I’m wearing white right row

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