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…I would probably hit Mother Nature in the face with one.

Wut iz up foooools?!? It’s Friday night* and I’m sooooo drunk! …Off of froyo and blogging.

You know what’s annoying? San Francisco had like, five winters this Summer and now that it’s officially two days (one day? three days?) into Fall, the fog disappears and the temperature rises. What gives?

In protest of Mother Nature going through “The Change”, here are just some of the coats that have me all lusty-mcluster-like for colder weather.

A cape! That won’t swallow your whole body and render your arms unusable. Nanette Lepore, Shopbop $398

Something about a technicolor dream coat? Daughters of the Revolution, ShopBop $220

I live in San Francisco… I’m allowed to like as many rainbow coats as I want. DVF $2,850

I don’t know where this one came from because the image has been saved on my desktop for so long. I’m sorry if that upsets whoever should be getting credit for this snuggly bathrobe-turned-street-wear-turned-back-to-bath-robe-once-you-get-home. It’s just, really great. <3

Out of Stock…womp womp. Jason Wu, Kirna Zabete $1,950

Okay, I am just going to stop there. I could seriously go on and on about coats that I want. Definitely my favorite clothing item to purchase. (BOLD statement. I didn’t even think about that before I typed it. It must be true.) There’s not even a rhyme or reason to my picks…It is just what I think is pretty or intriguing, not what I need or am lacking in my closet. Nope, nope, nope. None of that practicality bull shit.

For good measure, let’s end this post with a headband:

It comes in giraffe print too! Jennifer Ouellette, Barneys $65

*It was Friday night when I wrote this.


On Green

You’d better install those solar panels and take out your compost some other time, because right now we are talking about wearing green. I love the impact that green can have in all areas of life. Think about it: green plants bring a room to life; money is green, and money makes the world go ’round; and “going green” has overcome conscious society as a way to save the planet. Why not make an equally bold statement by introducing this hue into your closet? Just be careful it’s not too muddy or olive because camo NEVER makes the best dressed list.

Verrier Spring RTW 2011

Erin Fetherston Spring RTW 2011

Oscar de la Renta* Spring RTW 2011

Marchesa Spring RTW 2011

Milly Spring RTW 2011

Proenza Schouler** Spring RTW 2011

Rachel Roy*** Spring RTW 2011

Juan Carlos Obando Spring RTW 2011

STYLE TIP: Lavender nails look great with a dark green dress.

*This man can do no wrong.

**Neither can these men.

***Yes, this image blatantly goes against my camo comment, but when will you people ever learn that there are no hard and fast rules in fashion?

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Ugly. Not Cute. Horrendous. You Look Fat.

Why are these J Brand CARGOS all the rage right now? What part of ugly does the fashion set and the impressionable consumer not understand?! Personally, my thighs are big enough without a freaking cargo pocket attached to them, but if you’re going for the saddlebag look, then look no further:

Speaking of baffling fashion trends, what about cowboy boots and dresses??* I forgot how much that trend sucks until I read The Neapolitan Mastiff’s arousing (wink, wink) take on it. Check it out on Exchanging Pleasantries.

*I’m not going to be shady about this. I’ll own up: I rocked this look when I was a freshman in college, and I seem to remember thinking I looked good. AAAAGGGGHHH THE REGRET!! At least it was kind of current back then?? And not just an ensemble that thirty-somethings searching for their youth donned on weekends??? I certainly didn’t mean to dress myself like I was asking for it! I’m sorrrrrry Mommmm.

I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter??

Marc Jacob’s just opened it’s FOURTH store on Bleecker St. in NYC (beating out the three H&M’s on Oxford St. in London!) and it is the most adorable concept that we allllll should have seen coming: Bookmarc – A book store.


The shop carries books along the lines of art and photography, but don’t expect to find best sellers… Fine by me! I trust the selections of the Bookmarc creators, simply based on their name. I am going to New York in October to visit friends and I do believe that I just added Bookmarc to the top of my “must-shop” list.

le shoppe

a preview of the marc-branded offerings

images via

A White Moment


Are you watching Rachel Zoe this season? I am, and there’s a small obsession brewing in my fashion loins. The show is currently chronicling her attendance at the Fall 2010 fashion shows and the prep work she must do to dress her clients for the Oscars… This is like my dream job/life/wardrobe being played out before my very eyes. Plus, her assistant-turned-style-director, Brad, is adorable. I die.

So if you’re watching, you will know that she loves dressing her clients in white (and wearing it herself) because she believes in the power of “a white moment”. I mean, she’s kind of right. It is a stunning color, and even though it’s fairly common, you just don’t see people wearing all white very often. Here are some images I’ve bookmarked over time because they are pretty, or inspiring, or intriguing, and they just so happen to fabulously showcase “a white moment”!

From Southern Flourish Magazine. She’s wearing white, everyone is staring at herrrr.

Jak & Jil Blog

via Studded Hearts

See what I mean? RZ is on to something.