Self Inflicted Happiness

Maybe it was the full moon; maybe the stars were aligned with my chi, or it could be a good old fashioned coincidence…but whatever the case, I stumbled upon quiiiiite the little gem yesterday, and I’d love to share it with you! The wheels were set in motion yesterday morning when I nearly purchased the 600+ page September issue of InStyle at the magazine shop* next to my dry cleaners. I decided not to get it after realizing it would suck to carry around a cinderblock all day. Then lo and behold, that evening I arrived home to see the 600+ page bible sitting on our coffee table. Coincidence, or was I just silly to forget that my amazing roommate has a subscription?!? Bless her heart, either way. Also, bless the mail person that magically made that behemoth fashion guide fit in our tiny-ass mail box. ¬†Someone’s been taking cues from Tim Gunn: Make it work!

Aaaanyways, onto the point… I’m only a little ways into the issue, but I am already going nuts-o about Cynthia Rowley’s Dress-Up Band-Aids!!!!!!!!! OMG. So cute! I will take one box and two paper cuts, please.


Images and happiness via; Band-Aids: $10/box

*If you live in San Francisco, you must must must check out this magazine shop, Smoke Signals. Think lots of foreign Vogues, even more obscure art mags, and an extensive collection on just about any hobby. It’s wonderful!


4 responses to “Self Inflicted Happiness

  1. Um wow. In LOVE! with you and the band-aids.

  2. OMG you have the MOST amazing rooommate who will kill you if you throw away any of her magazines before she gets back! Jk love you and enjoy!!


  3. loooove those!!!!

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