I’m like, unreasonably obsessed with the shoe/boot footwear trend, and the higher the platform, the better! But, I don’t poop gold bars (Oh really?? You don’t??? We didn’t know!), so I cannot purchase every shoot that tickles my fancy. Therefore, I need your help. Thoughts/opinions on the following are encouraged, and suggestions are welcome!

Sam Edelman via Zappos, $198.95

Sam Edelman (again!) via Nasty Gal, $185

Alexander Wang, $695 (Yes, I am seriously considering paying that much. Look at them. Look. At. Them. Loooooook aaaaaat themmmmmmm.)

Pelle Moda (Similar to the Wang’s but not quite as wonderful) via Shopbop, $190

Let’s warm things up a bit…

Opening Ceremony via Shotwell, $283 (originally $565)

Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck, $194.95 (sold out, unfortunately)

That’s all the wishing and hoping and attempting-to-decision-making I can handle in one night. Please help.

And sweet dreams!


5 responses to “Shoot(s)

  1. either the first ones or the furry ones for $283. seriously though, the others are really not okay. you would break your NECK!

  2. i adore the 1st sam edelman’s. sooooooo adorable. and the jeffery campbells clog/furry ones are presh too

  3. The top two. You’ll wear them more. Much more practical than the others even though, yes, they are amazing!

  4. Awww thanks guys! Without reasonable individuals such as yourselves, my closet would be unmanageably big ;) xx

  5. The Pelle Moda are the best, the rest of them suck, but you should get the sold out ones.

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