Eyelash Extensions


Yes little poopers, they are for real and they look REALLY good. I have seen them with my own two eyes. However, my own to eyes haven’t gotten them (yet), because I haven’t figured out how to cry gold bars. But I’ll be damned if the second I do figure that out, I don’t go get me some falsies.

You seriously don’t have to wear mascara. Seriously.

It is highly recommended that you google/yelp/ask around and find a reputable eyelash-extension-applier near you! I will accept thank you’s from now until eternity. <3


3 responses to “Eyelash Extensions

  1. i only know of good places in LA. :( Maybe they have one of these in sf?


  2. the miu miu clutch is really a classic !
    thanks for visiting my blog and you have left such a nice comment !
    my sister extends her eyelashes, its so pretty, yes she doesn’t need mascara
    but my eyelids are super sensitive, i cant even use the metal eyelash curler. i wonder if i can get my eyelash extend. i would love to have them extend.

    a new fashion blogger based in Australia and Hong Kong.

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