From the windows, to the walls!

I will be the first person to tell you that I don’t know squat about decorating, so is it weird that I love it?? I am allllways dreaming about redecorating my room, drooling over sumptuous decor magazines, and generally getting too excited by Anthropologie’s home section. I thoroughly enjoy looking at these things, but I could never actually be an interior decorator because I can’t make decisions or stick to a cohesive theme! I would need someone – a professional – to say “This is good with this, and I know you like that, but it looks stupid.” I totally value the people who have the skill to pick and choose the right elements; they are gifted and I will undoubtedly employ said people one day… once I poop gold bars. Until then, here’s a random mish-mash of things that make me squeal and clap. You will notice that I am obsessed with wallpaper (as long as it’s not farm animals, baskets, or some ugly pastel floral pattern that was popular amongst the “country french” loving housewives of the late nineties), and have absolutely no semblance of a consistent “style”.

Wallpaper – Anthro $148

Wallpaper – Target $74.99

Wallpaper – Barbara Hulanicki at Graham & Brown $145

Wallpaper – Sorry so tiny… Target $99.99

Rug – Jonathan Adler $160 – $650

Rug – Anthro $898 – $1,998

Lamp – Anthro $68

And for the grand finale, please follow this link, as I couldn’t get an image off of CB2’s website, but you must see this because it is just so cute! It’s a dog! And it will hold your drink and fetch your paper!


6 responses to “From the windows, to the walls!

  1. ohhh i love. esp the CB2 one.

    • I know, right? It’d be perfect for my WWD papers and your Time magazines that won’t stop coming in the mail!

  2. You like things with negative space. That’s the “style.” Even that dog, you can see right through him.

    Til the sweat drips off my balls,

  3. I have the exact same problem… Love the target wallpaper. so cute!

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