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The Glory Days

If you aren’t a fan of The Cool Hunter on Facebook, you should be. Every post delivers inspiration/smiles, right to your news feed. Today, I got a smile out of this one:

Tomorrow is Friday… GOOOOOooooo weekend! Yaaaaaay!

Can you tell I was a cheerleader in high school??!


Self Inflicted Happiness

Maybe it was the full moon; maybe the stars were aligned with my chi, or it could be a good old fashioned coincidence…but whatever the case, I stumbled upon quiiiiite the little gem yesterday, and I’d love to share it with you! The wheels were set in motion yesterday morning when I nearly purchased the 600+ page September issue of InStyle at the magazine shop* next to my dry cleaners. I decided not to get it after realizing it would suck to carry around a cinderblock all day. Then lo and behold, that evening I arrived home to see the 600+ page bible sitting on our coffee table. Coincidence, or was I just silly to forget that my amazing roommate has a subscription?!? Bless her heart, either way. Also, bless the mail person that magically made that behemoth fashion guide fit in our tiny-ass mail box.  Someone’s been taking cues from Tim Gunn: Make it work!

Aaaanyways, onto the point… I’m only a little ways into the issue, but I am already going nuts-o about Cynthia Rowley’s Dress-Up Band-Aids!!!!!!!!! OMG. So cute! I will take one box and two paper cuts, please.


Images and happiness via; Band-Aids: $10/box

*If you live in San Francisco, you must must must check out this magazine shop, Smoke Signals. Think lots of foreign Vogues, even more obscure art mags, and an extensive collection on just about any hobby. It’s wonderful!

The Wang Saga

I made a really good purchase recently. REALLY GOOD. This purchase was kind of a hassle though…like, adopting a kid is probably easier than buying this jacket was. Have you guys ever heard of OTTE? It is (apparently) a small boutique, with three locations in NYC and an online e-commerce site. I have appreciated it’s unique and well-edited merchandise since I discovered the website – so much so, that I added it to my “Shoplog” on Gold Bars (WoooOOOOoooo BFD, Hillary). Anyways, on to the story… A few weeks ago, OTTE was offering an additional 20% off of all sale items and I fell in love with an amazing Alexander Wang jacket. It was 75% off, then the additional 20%, and there was only one left…IN MY SIZE. I put that size 2 in my cart right quick and proceeded to checkout. Here’s what happened next…


Email from OTTE: I am so sorry but we only have a size 4 of this jacket. Would you like that size instead? Thanks

Email reply from Me: Yes, I would be interested in trying it, but would I be able to return it if it is too big?

OTTE: I’m sorry but since this item is over 70% off we will not be able to accept a return. We can either cancel your order or ship you the size 4. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Me: I understand that that is your policy, but from a customer service standpoint, I would implore you to do something to make amends for this inconvenience. Whether it be free shipping, an additional discount, or an exception to your return policy does not matter, but it would be appreciated.

OTTE: I’m sorry we cannot offer a deeper discount since the item was 70% off and you received an additional 20% discount. We are sorry that our inventory was incorrect, it is frustrating to us as it is to our customers. Thank you.

Me: Free shipping?

OTTE: We will not be able to accommodate your request. Please let us know if you would like the 4. Thanks

Me: Well, Nordstroms you are not… but I do love this jacket. Can you at least tell me if it is running true to size, or smaller or larger?

OTTE: Yes the jacket does run true to size. We appreciate your business, and yes we are a small one woman owned boutique and by nature we operate on a different scale than a nationwide chain. Thank you for understanding.

Me: Oh shit, I thought I was ordering from Macy’s. Just kidding. I will take the 4, please.


Well, I haven’t received a reply from OTTE, but the jacket did arrive and it fits like a dream! I love it and have worn it nearly every day.

The sheer fabric and the top part are attached together…insta-layers! Love it. The top part is a coated linen but looks like leather, huh? Love it, too. The dress I’m wearing is Rodarte for Target and the shoes are Sam Edelman.

Thanks, OTTE!

*Editor’s Note: These photos were shot with an iPhone 4, by a boyfriend, and were not altered or edited in any way. :)

Yes, yes, yes!

Shearling was depicted all over the runways for  RTW Fall 2010, but most noticeably so by Burberry Prorsum.

Image via

I’m positive that I am not alone in my inability to afford the Burb edition, so I’ve found a suitable alternative for those that don’t sh!t gold bars:

Aqua via – $198

I have posted about Aqua before, so maybe you know how much I love the brand. If you aren’t on the same bandwagon, then please allow this to be a testament to it’s stylish and current, yet low-budget, capabilities.


I’m like, unreasonably obsessed with the shoe/boot footwear trend, and the higher the platform, the better! But, I don’t poop gold bars (Oh really?? You don’t??? We didn’t know!), so I cannot purchase every shoot that tickles my fancy. Therefore, I need your help. Thoughts/opinions on the following are encouraged, and suggestions are welcome!

Sam Edelman via Zappos, $198.95

Sam Edelman (again!) via Nasty Gal, $185

Alexander Wang, $695 (Yes, I am seriously considering paying that much. Look at them. Look. At. Them. Loooooook aaaaaat themmmmmmm.)

Pelle Moda (Similar to the Wang’s but not quite as wonderful) via Shopbop, $190

Let’s warm things up a bit…

Opening Ceremony via Shotwell, $283 (originally $565)

Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck, $194.95 (sold out, unfortunately)

That’s all the wishing and hoping and attempting-to-decision-making I can handle in one night. Please help.

And sweet dreams!

Eyelash Extensions


Yes little poopers, they are for real and they look REALLY good. I have seen them with my own two eyes. However, my own to eyes haven’t gotten them (yet), because I haven’t figured out how to cry gold bars. But I’ll be damned if the second I do figure that out, I don’t go get me some falsies.

You seriously don’t have to wear mascara. Seriously.

It is highly recommended that you google/yelp/ask around and find a reputable eyelash-extension-applier near you! I will accept thank you’s from now until eternity. <3

Who knew being a book worm was fashionable?

Kate Spade just came out with these Book of the Month Clutches, and boy do I feel ahead of my time! I loved to read as a kid and still do as an adult, although now I don’t have nearly as much time to devour Babysitter’s Club after Babysitter’s Club book. Kate Spade’s fashionable library houses three classics: The Great Gatsby, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Great Expectations. Although, at $325 each, I may resort to just carrying around the real deal.