I am not one of those “no regrets” people.

I could have bought this ring last year when I lived in London, but for some reason I was low on money that month (weird) and didn’t get it. In hindsight, I totally wish I had splurged on the ring and eaten digestives till my next paycheck (ugh, regret), because it was actually cheaper in London than it is here! In my circumstances, at least. See, when your paycheck is in pounds, spending £100 feels the same as getting paid in dollars and spending $100, which isn’t too bad. So the exchange rate really meant nothing to me. Does that make sense to you? It does to me, and that’s who we are talking about…so whatevs.

But yeah, anyways, the ring was £100 in London and here it would set me back 175 bones plus tax! I should ad that tax is included in the price in the UK, therefore what you see is what you pay. Regret, regret, regret. Le sigh. Wanna see the ring?

Image courtesy of the ever-fabulous net-a-porter website.

It looks like something I would have made in high school ceramics, and I luuuhhhve it! Thanks YSL, you ‘da man. Or woman… or team of designers… A girl like me should really know this kind of information. I’m embarrassed.


4 responses to “I am not one of those “no regrets” people.

  1. that purp ring looks pretty badass up close…

  2. Mistake. I know all about it! If I think about something over and over, I know I need it.

    • aaaaah I know, right?? I have so much regret in my life bc I have to listen to my bank account instead of my head! p.s. you need to keep me updated on when new stuff arrives at j.crew ;)

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