This one goes out to all the gentlemen.

Hey boiz! I have news for YOU: It is summertime and your Sambas and desert boot just. aren’t. cutting. it. Heed my advice and go find yourself any (or all) of these:

Don’t be afraid of the colour. It’s cool when boys take chances with their shoes, and bright shades look really good after being warn in and naturally distressed a bit. Band of Outsiders, $198 (What did you think just because it’s a post about men that I’d go all cheap and shit? N-O WAY!)

Keds. That’s right, KEDS. And they’re cheap, since I know all you men reading this (and woooboy there are a lot of you!) are about as stingy as they come. $45. BAM

Please please please don’t over indulge in sandals. It’s not necessary for you to wear them exclusively (and most of your feet are too ugly to do so anyways), but it is vital to have a pair on hand for the beach or a quick jaunt to the liquor store. I recommend Havianas. If you must have more variety than one pair of rubber flip flops, then go ahead and get a nice pair of leather flip flops. Nothing too weird though, okay?


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