Wanted (aside from gold bars): Sunnies

Hi ya’ll. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July! Reno and Tahoe were great, but I definitely saw a lot of people doing very foolish things, which always makes the worry-wart in me freeeeaaak out. This is a really fun quality to have at parties. But whatevs, at least I looked cute.

Aaaaanyways…I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I spend an entire weekend/vacation wearing the same pair of sunglasses, I come home wanting new ones, like REAL BAD. I think this longing is caused partially by boredom from wearing the same retina shields day after day, and partially by extensive scrutiny of how they look on your face in every picture taken over the entire trip. So when I got home this afternoon, the first thing I did was search for eligible sunnies. I came across these Karen Walker pairs, like I have time and time again, and was reminded how much I loooove them. Brown glasses look best with my colouring, and I really dig the high contrast tortoise on these two; it spices them up juuuust enough.

Helter Skelter $170

Deep Freeze $170

This may sound outrageous, but considering the amount of money I’ve spent on sunglasses in the past, the aren’t too bad at $170 (especially for good quality, name-brand, dope as f*ck sunglasses). You could easily pay double, or nearly triple, for a similar pair of shades. Case in point: these A.R. Trapp troubadour sunglasses from J.Crew:

Troubadour $395

I have to be honest with you guys…I like the A.R. Trapps a LOT more, but poor people can’t be choosy!


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