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…then I’d buy this freakin jacket!

It is possible that I might die if I don’t own this jacket soon. How guilty would you feel if I actually did die from not owning it and you had read this and not bought it for me?? Pretty guilty, I would think.

Nellie Partow – Washed Italian lambskin jacket, $1245

Come on internets, pool your couch change together and make me a happy girl!


What I’d Wear Today:

So this kind of looks like a prarie dress, but then it’s also kind of adorable. I would wear it.

Lover – Meadows Mini Dress, $506

I dare say I would throw this coat on over it – even right now, in July,  because it is 50F in San Francisco. Grrr & brrrrr!

Vika Gazinskaya – $1401 (it is cotton and yet still over a grand??)

While we’re at it, lets throw on a pair of shoes…

Proenza Schouler – Lace up heel, was $968 now $291 A steal!! …For some people :(

Oh heck, we should accessorize too!

Aurelie Bidermann – $241

And that’s what I would wear today… If I pooped gold bars.

Monday Morning

OMG, sorry, did you just throw up a little bit in your mouth? I didn’t mean to revolt you with a bombarding announcement of Monday morning. My B. I hate it as much as you do, and I hate it even more than usual today because do you know what I found online this morning? THESE:

I’ve pined over these shoes for months now, months, and today – a Monday morning, no less – I discover them on sale, in this faaabulous colour, for a price I would consider paying if it meant owning them, and they are SOLD OUT in my size. Why is the world so cruel?

At least I know I can count on my mom to tell me they are ugly and not even worth the sale price.

Alexander Wang (you kill me) – Abbey high heel sandal, $149 (originally $495!!) at Opening Ceremony (thanks for having a sale…NOT)

I like it!

At first I thought the entire photograph was of a painting, and it wasn’t until I took a more thoughtful look that I realized it is a painting hanging next to the chains. I don’t know why it intrigues me, but it just does! That’s all art is about anyways, right?

Via Terry Richardson’s Diary…thanks you silly goose, Terry!

I am not one of those “no regrets” people.

I could have bought this ring last year when I lived in London, but for some reason I was low on money that month (weird) and didn’t get it. In hindsight, I totally wish I had splurged on the ring and eaten digestives till my next paycheck (ugh, regret), because it was actually cheaper in London than it is here! In my circumstances, at least. See, when your paycheck is in pounds, spending £100 feels the same as getting paid in dollars and spending $100, which isn’t too bad. So the exchange rate really meant nothing to me. Does that make sense to you? It does to me, and that’s who we are talking about…so whatevs.

But yeah, anyways, the ring was £100 in London and here it would set me back 175 bones plus tax! I should ad that tax is included in the price in the UK, therefore what you see is what you pay. Regret, regret, regret. Le sigh. Wanna see the ring?

Image courtesy of the ever-fabulous net-a-porter website.

It looks like something I would have made in high school ceramics, and I luuuhhhve it! Thanks YSL, you ‘da man. Or woman… or team of designers… A girl like me should really know this kind of information. I’m embarrassed.


If I was getting married, and if I needed a dress for the rehearsal dinner, and if I pooped gold bars, then I would get this dress. 

If any of those if’s apply to you, then I suggest you get it!

Don’t you just love Milly? I mean, how pretty is this dress?? I also just love Shopbop, as evidenced by the back-to-back posts with Shopbop generated content.  : )

2-in-1 products are the bomb.

I love this braclet-ring-combo from Jacquie Aiche at Shopbop. What would you call it? A ringlet? A bracing? I don’t know!