Ok, so in case you didn’t know (although I think you all did know), I love J.Crew. It is a huge part of my life, mostly because it dominates my wardrobe, but also because I work there a couple days a week. I anxiously anticipate the release of the catalogue every month; I LOVE working overnight roll-outs so that I can be the first person to see new stuff; I cried the day Mickey Drexler was supposed to do a store visit and then couldn’t make it; and I died the day I met the head men’s designer, Frank Muytjens. I heart J.Crew. You heart J.Crew. Fashion editors and Women’s Wear Daily and Net-A-Porte heart J.Crew to. Lately it seems like J.Crew can do no wrong, but I’m here to disspell that rumour. I love J.Ccrew (yes, we established this), but I also like to make people feel good about themselves. So for the sake of Banana Republic’s self esteem, I’m going to create a “What Was J.Crew Thinking?” (WWJT) segment, wherein I will highlight particularly ugly items that the retailer generates. First up: Women’s Gallery Overalls at $168.

Next up on my fugly list: Tie-Dye Perfect Shirt, for $78.

Basically all of the “art tees”. What, did Jenna get her kids to sponge paint them?

Drop Cloth Art Tee. On sale for the not-low-enough price of $29.50!

Oh my gosh – Which one are you gonna get??? Morning Glory Art Tee, $24.99

J.Crew, I love you, but I also love to make fun of you.


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