A Diamond In The Rough

No, this is not a post about Tiger Woods.

I was surfing the internets during a bout of insomnia last night, when I caught wind that Gap had new releases in their Design Editions shoe collection. I was (of course) drawn to the floral bow wedge, but they were sold out of my size online (of course). I was a bit discouraged, but figured I was better off without them because they are $110 and I don’t poop gold bars. Le sigh.

Well after work today, I had an hour to kill before meeting up with a couple girlfriends to buy “decorations” for a bachelorette party this weekend (8===D), so I toodled over to Gap – with low expectations, mind you. I searched the store (twice) for anything resembling the coveted shoe I saw online but came up empty-footed (Get it??? Punny!). Just as I was about to leave, a boy in a vest asked me if I needed help finding anything. Oh hell. Why not? He knew just what I was talking about and directed me to them: tucked away in their boxes, underneath a platform with a bunch of manequinns on top, with no identifying signage (Ohhhh, I get it now! Gap doesn’t want to sell their merchandise. Obviously. Geeze.). There was ONE pair left in MY SIZE, and I had a GIFT CARD. Today, kids, I felt like I pooped gold bars.


2 responses to “A Diamond In The Rough

  1. Very you!!! So can you change out the bow for other options or is it joined to the shoe?? Let me know if there is some sewing in my future?

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