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3.1 is like, the Best Version Ever.

I think it’s the “looks nude but really isn’t” effect that stops me dead in my tracks with these three dresses (It will probably do the same for you too, whether you’re a woman, or a man – zing!); but I also think it’s the profound sweetness these pieces uphold, despite their presumed scandalousness, that really seals the deal… basically Blair Waldorf in a nutshell. :)

Jewel Necklace Dress – 3.1 Phillip Lim – $525

Lace Dress with Zipper – 3.1 Phillip Lim – $795

Sleeveless Dress with Stones – 3.1 Phillip Lim – $750

Thank you to OTTE for ruining my day and 3.1 Phillip Lim for shitting on my parade.

P.S. If I pooped gold bars, I’d buy all of these.


What got me through the work week.



Weekend Memories


What Was J.Crew Thinking????

Not even Chuck Bass would wear these!!!


Well, I can’t afford any of this…

…so I’m not going to post pictures.*

But for those of you who poop gold bars, check out Kate Moss’ newest line for Topshop. And because I’m kind, here is my guide to the good stuff:

Embellished Shift Dress

Suede Cutwork Shorts

Lace Wrap Dress (Sorry, it’s already sold out. HAH! You can’t have it either!)

Maxi Back Dress

Open Back Playsuit

Embroidered Dress

Lace Bodycon Dress

Lace And Silk Cami with Lace And Silk Bed Shorts

Lace Back Playsuit

Jersey Swing T-Shirt

I hope you poopers enjoy my picks.

*This can also be attributed to the fact that I don’t know how to download flash images. Is there even a way??

P.S. There is also this Feather Cape that I totally dig, but I only saw it on the UK site.

…then I’d own it all.

Whimsical, yet still polished.

Miu Miu S/S 2010


Ok, so in case you didn’t know (although I think you all did know), I love J.Crew. It is a huge part of my life, mostly because it dominates my wardrobe, but also because I work there a couple days a week. I anxiously anticipate the release of the catalogue every month; I LOVE working overnight roll-outs so that I can be the first person to see new stuff; I cried the day Mickey Drexler was supposed to do a store visit and then couldn’t make it; and I died the day I met the head men’s designer, Frank Muytjens. I heart J.Crew. You heart J.Crew. Fashion editors and Women’s Wear Daily and Net-A-Porte heart J.Crew to. Lately it seems like J.Crew can do no wrong, but I’m here to disspell that rumour. I love J.Ccrew (yes, we established this), but I also like to make people feel good about themselves. So for the sake of Banana Republic’s self esteem, I’m going to create a “What Was J.Crew Thinking?” (WWJT) segment, wherein I will highlight particularly ugly items that the retailer generates. First up: Women’s Gallery Overalls at $168.

Next up on my fugly list: Tie-Dye Perfect Shirt, for $78.

Basically all of the “art tees”. What, did Jenna get her kids to sponge paint them?

Drop Cloth Art Tee. On sale for the not-low-enough price of $29.50!

Oh my gosh – Which one are you gonna get??? Morning Glory Art Tee, $24.99

J.Crew, I love you, but I also love to make fun of you.

Frazzled Friday

Boy, did I have a hellish day at work today. So much stress and not enough patience! Gaaahh. Bygones though, it’s over now and I’m off to Sonoma for Alexis’ bachelorette party!! Should be a fun weekend filled with wine, girl talk, penis decorations, wonderful friends, and my exciting new purchase!

More on this delicious diddy later… :) I hope you all have as much fun this weekend as I plan on having!