Anxiety…I haz it.

I haz anxiety because I’m about to leave for the Dominican Republic (yay!!) and in my absence, two very important collaborations will be debuting at target and I will not be able to see them until I get back. And we allllll know that any good Target collaboration sells out VERY quickly. Meaning, I won’t get my fair chance at the pieces I want! agggh

Life = Hard

I’ve already posted about one source of my anxiety: Zac Posen for Target, so let’s not pour salt on that wound. My second source of anxiety, however, has yet to be mentioned on Gold Bars. It is Cynthia Vincent for Target. Siiiighhhh. Those of you who are in the know, know that Target has already released a few styles; but much to my dismay (and in spite of four Target store visits) the only styles available are not to my liking. ALL I WANT ARE THE COGNAC WEDGES.

So if you go to Target and you see these babies, you have two choices:

1. Buy them for me (size 6.5)


2. Leave the 6.5’s on the shelf and walk away slowly.


6 responses to “Anxiety…I haz it.

  1. Too bad the only target i ever go to is the one in santa maria and it never has ANYTHING good…but if I see those shoes I’ll snag some for you. and omg I would HATE to be going to the Dominican Republic right now. PSYCH

  2. mmm those are cute. can you get them online?

    • Yeah, they will be available online, but I’m not sure what my Internet access in the DR will be like! :(

  3. I have totes been lusting after these toooo…especially after TWO piperlime returns due to unsatisfactory wedges! My summer shoe forecast is looking cloudy :/ I’ll keep my eye out for a 6.5 in AZ! PS have a great time in DR!!!

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