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Let’s address Day Two of Paris Fashion Week (sans Dries Van Noten)… After pin-pointing my favourite looks, I realized that they fell into two starkly different categories: light and dark; day and night; good and evil; sweet and tough; etc. and etc. At first I was shocked that there wasn’t more of a middle ground, but then I realized that they represented the ways I tend to dress myself: either light, girly, and playful, or tough and chic. There’s probably and emphasis on the “light and girly ” side, but I blame that on J.Crew and Blair Waldorf. Anyway, enjoy my picks from Day Two!

Nina Ricci- Sweet

Balenciaga- Playful

Sacai- Cuddly

Balmain- Pretty, Tough

A.F.Vandevorst- Straight Forward

Gareth Pugh- Daring Devil


One response to “This & That

  1. Ooooh BALMAIN = LOVE!

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