Dries Van Noten

My original plan for my “Personal Paris Fashion Week” was to devote one post to each day of PFW, but then I saw Dries Van Noten. Soooo, we’re gonna have to disrupt our regular programming.

Dries Van Noten was like the chicest effing safari ever (if safaris are in Paris). On a DVN safari, I’d imagine seeing lions with effortlessly beautiful manes, giraffes flaunting their height in jewel-encrusted heels, elephants dangling handbags from their trunks, etc., etc. The entire animal kingdom would be lounging around happily, no one trying to eat anyone else, on a bed of that majestic, watercolored silk that showed up towards the end of the Dries Van Noten show. And everyone would poop gold bars.

Photos courtesy of style.com


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