Paris Fashion Week

Yeah, I’d go to it if I pooped gold bars.

I don’t though (we know, we know), so instead I chose to wait until the whole thing was over and done with to look at any of the collections. A bit of a boycott, if you will. I just couldn’t stand to get caught up in the excitement if I couldn’t be a part of the excitement. That sounds quite selfish and immature. Oh well. I don’t care. Wah! Anyways, now that I am allowing myself to view the runways, it feels as though I am having my own private Paris Fashion Week! Now that is cool. Ooooor…incredibly lame.


Over the coming days I will be posting some of my favorite looks from each day of PFW. So far I have not viewed or read reviews (except when unwittingly encountered) of any of the shows, so each entry will be completely from the heart and consist solely of what grabs my attention and gains my adoration instantly.

Today’s lustful look…*

Quentin Veron, courtesy of

*It is highly possible that I am drawn to this look for one reason and one reason only: toe shoes.


One response to “Paris Fashion Week

  1. I agree, with the toe shoe draw—the rest looks suspiciously like a tent worm.

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