…I’d be a professional ballerina.

I love everything about ballet: the smell of old pointe shoes, the elegant costumes (mainly the tutus), the graceful flow of movement, and the tight buns (yes, I am referring to both the hair style and the body part). Just..everything. I used to dance, but I never amounted to much on account that all I had going for me was flexibility and “good feet”. Since I will never be prima ballerina material, I just aspire to dress like one! Here are my favorite ballet inspired items…

First up, the leotard! This Alice + Olivia body suit blends ballerina chic with pedestrian wearability. I absolutely adore the low back…it is sexy without being skanky!

Alice + Olivia body suit at Shopbop, $198. Available in black, white, and pink.

And now for the tutu! This gem is thanks to J.Crew’s line for children, Crewcuts. That being said, it’s unlikely that you or I will actually be able to fit into this tutu, but since Crewcuts just added size 14 to their range, there’s a glimmer of hope for slender folks.

$32.50 at Crewcuts. Also available in lilac and coral.

And last but not least….the shoes! Although my ballet days are long over, I do like to reminisce and these Bloch ballet flats enable me to do so without putting on my old pointe shoes and nearly breaking an ankle. I also wear ballet flats when I want to be comfortable. You will never find me wearing trainers with jeans,* because I just don’t feel comfortable in them (not to mention it isn’t a fashion statement I choose to make). Trainers feel constricting to me, whereas my feet feel free in ballet flats…weeeee! These are my two favorite styles from Bloch and they come in a candy shop of colors!

View styles here. To purchase, try polyvore.

*The only time I wear trainers is when I workout because I’m trying to fit into the Crewcuts tutu! :)


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