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More Day Four

Don’t think that because I devoted a single post to Jean Paul Gaultier’s show that I value it more than any of the other runways I’m about to highlight. I just could not get the formatting to work!

If I’m being honest, I still can’t get the formatting to work, so please excuse the shoddy layout today. I tried :(








Azzaro DUH!


Haute Mess

Jean Paul Gaultier- Paris Fashion Week: RTW Fall 2010

Who else loves it?!

Le Jardin de H&M

The Garden Collection:  so exciting. And made entirely from recycled materials. BONUS. I will say though, the sneak peeks online were more enticing than the garments were in person. Colours weren’t as vibrant in person, and it was clear that some materials were not meant to be recycled. I’m thankful for this though, because it makes my life a lot easier when I don’t want to buy the  whole damn collection. Here are my favourites, as predictable as they may be:

Images scoured from and

An artist’s rendering of the bombest clothes ever, courtesy of moi.

…Paris Fashion week would never end!

Luckly, I’m only 3 days in. This is turning into Paris Fashion Month (possibly Quarter). So without further adieu…

The brilliant Yohji Yamamoto:

Veronique Leroy, who makes Fall look like Spring:

Never afraid to think outside the box, we have Maison Martin Margiela:

Lanvin, who impressed (but not surprised) me by pulling off the down-set shoulder:

Despite the distracting makeup, I was able to enjoy Vivienne Westwood:

I just died over this look from Christian Dior:

Bernhard Willhelm’s production made me laugh:

IsseyMiyake’s masterful layering and texture/colour combinations:

The refined villain at Vionnet:

The drool on your keyboard can be credited to

This & That

Let’s address Day Two of Paris Fashion Week (sans Dries Van Noten)… After pin-pointing my favourite looks, I realized that they fell into two starkly different categories: light and dark; day and night; good and evil; sweet and tough; etc. and etc. At first I was shocked that there wasn’t more of a middle ground, but then I realized that they represented the ways I tend to dress myself: either light, girly, and playful, or tough and chic. There’s probably and emphasis on the “light and girly ” side, but I blame that on J.Crew and Blair Waldorf. Anyway, enjoy my picks from Day Two!

Nina Ricci- Sweet

Balenciaga- Playful

Sacai- Cuddly

Balmain- Pretty, Tough

A.F.Vandevorst- Straight Forward

Gareth Pugh- Daring Devil

Dries Van Noten

My original plan for my “Personal Paris Fashion Week” was to devote one post to each day of PFW, but then I saw Dries Van Noten. Soooo, we’re gonna have to disrupt our regular programming.

Dries Van Noten was like the chicest effing safari ever (if safaris are in Paris). On a DVN safari, I’d imagine seeing lions with effortlessly beautiful manes, giraffes flaunting their height in jewel-encrusted heels, elephants dangling handbags from their trunks, etc., etc. The entire animal kingdom would be lounging around happily, no one trying to eat anyone else, on a bed of that majestic, watercolored silk that showed up towards the end of the Dries Van Noten show. And everyone would poop gold bars.

Photos courtesy of

All dogs go to heaven…

…but if I pooped gold bars, they’d just live forever.

I love you, Maddie.