Gorjana Bracelets Out the Yin Yang

I love these understated leather bracelets from Gorjana because of their versatility: wear one alone for a touch of detail, or if you poop gold bars, buy them all and wear them together for a chic piled-on look! Bonus: they are not that expensive!

My roommate, Kim, has this one in black, therefore I can first-handedly attest to it’s desirability. $50

A personal fave, coming in at $66.

Definitely affordable at $38.


Another personal fave. $36

$80 friendship bracelets! Or just more for yourself ;)




Git ’em all, at Shopbop.com!


2 responses to “Gorjana Bracelets Out the Yin Yang

  1. I do believe you were way ahead of your time on this one or rather a similar style

  2. Thanks, Mom. But you know I can’t take all the credit! You are the one that got me the “ahead of my time” bracelet! xx

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