…then I would sing in the rain!

You know how some days, when it’s raining, you just DON’T want to lug around in a pair of heavy, clumsy, massive rain boots?? Or you just DON’T want to carry around a normal pair of shoes to put on, once you get where you’re going? Or you’re not 100% sure if it’s going to rain, but you really DON’T want to wear rain boots just for the heck of it? Or you really DON’T feel like handling the stares you get from the noise your rain boots make when you walk?  I toootally get allllll of those feelings, especially after it’s been raining for a few days in a row. That’s when I get fed up trying to make my outfit work around rain boots. But oh my gosh, I found an adorable and affordable ($55) solution! Enter: J.Crew’s Rainy Day Ballet Flats!

All of the colors are super cute…I can’t decide which pair to get! I think my faves though are black, neon pink, deep chartreuse, pearl, metallic gold, and barely peach. ;)


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