Big Happenings

Hi everyone! I have big news: Gold Bars is moving and shaking! As my Valentine’s Day gift from Presh BF, I received “If I Pooped Gold Bars…” business cards and the rights to the domain name:  Isn’t that cool?? You no longer have to type “.wordpress” to get to this fabulous blog! But don’t worry if you accidentally do type “.wordpress” (old habits die hard, I know), you’ll be automatically forwarded on to the good ‘ol blog you know and love. And my business cards are gonna make this blog sooo famous. Mark my words: this time next year I will be returning from New York Fashion Week where I was invited to sit front row by all the best designers, pampered in the most luxurious hotels, and hounded by fashion photogs such as Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton. And Anna Wintour and I will be BFFs. And the hottest runway trend will be “short models”.

Fersuuuuure  ;)


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