Two Things

Two things were particularly exciting in my WWD newsletter this morning. First: Cyndi Lauper + Lady Gaga for MAC!!! Second: Marc Jacobs vs. Ed Hardy WWE Smackdown!!! (kinda)

Lady Cyndi

We are all familiar with the MAC AIDS fund, right? The special collaborations with celebrities where the proceeds go to AIDS research? Yeah, that one. Well Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga are MAC’s newest spokespersons in a joint collaboration for the fund. How flippin crazy?? I think it was a brilliant idea to pair up these two pop icons…I mean if anyone can cure AIDS, it’s definitely Lady Gaga with a dash of Cyndi Lauper. Also, how fun would it be to interview both of them together?? OMG. Sooo anyways, each star created a limited edition lipstick shade (Gaga = “bubble-gummy pink”; Lauper = “light coral red”), which are available in North American MAC stores today! The rest of the world gets them in March (proud to be an American right now, fo’ sho!). You should all join them in the fight against AIDS and get your pretty on!

The lipstick retails for $14. Each icon is wearing her own creation in this photo. I think I’m leaning towards Lady Gaga’s shade…are you surprised?

Team Marc

Now for the Marc Jacobs and Ed Hard-on dramz… Marc is suing the tacky Jersey Shore-esqe brand for creating a quilted bag that rips off the “stitched block print” seen on the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon tote. Marc came out with this logo concept in early 2007, and it is well established with the image of the brand by now, so this a pretty blatant infringement!  I am glad that Marc is going to bat for this one; I own the Pretty Nylon tote and would be SO ANGRY if anyone ever mistook it for an Ed Hardy bag because the douchetastic brand got away with their copy-catting, but on the other hand…this will draw the public’s attention to the fact that Ed Toolhard thinks his target audience has the same taste as Marc’s. Absolutely not.

Ta for now! I have to go to MAC so I can help Cyndi and Gaga fight AIDS :)


One response to “Two Things

  1. I guess I’ll fight AIDS in March with the rest of the chumps… :(

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