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By Popular Demand

This is big: it’s my first outfit post! I’ve been meaning to start doing these for a while now, but I never seem to have time to photograph a good outfit. That or I don’t have the motivation. heh heh heh

Jacket: J.Crew, Shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: J Brand

Black Necklace: Exress, Crystal Square Necklace: J.Crew, All Other Necklaces: Vintage/MC’s

I get a lot of shit for these shoes. They are Jessica Simpson, but MC (my mom) only knows them as “hooker shoes”. The thing is, I know they’re kinda trashy, but I love them because they go with everything, make me really tall (relative to my normal height), and are comfortable enough to wear all night. I have absolutely worn them to death, as you can probably tell by all the scuff marks, but I won’t retire them until I can find an adequate replacement.

There you go! I hope you all enjoyed my first outfit post. There will be more to come, but probably not too frequently. ;)


…then Camilla Skovgaard would my personal shoe maker.

Holy shit, I would kill for a pair of these shoes.

Net-A-Porter $475

On sale for $288 at Bluefly!

$369 at Elizabeth Charles

Oak $532

At Shopbop for $500

This is the first Camilla Skovgaard shoe I ever saw, and it is the one that began my love affair. It is from last year (I think??), so its no where to be found anymore and believe me when I say that I still kick myself for not pulling the trigger on these babies. It would have meant no grocery shopping for a month, but who needs food??

This shoe was known as the Birdcage Pump and retailed for $525. I found this image on some random blog through a simple google search. I wish I would have bought them…but I wish a lot of things, so…c’est la vie :)

Gorjana Bracelets Out the Yin Yang

I love these understated leather bracelets from Gorjana because of their versatility: wear one alone for a touch of detail, or if you poop gold bars, buy them all and wear them together for a chic piled-on look! Bonus: they are not that expensive!

My roommate, Kim, has this one in black, therefore I can first-handedly attest to it’s desirability. $50

A personal fave, coming in at $66.

Definitely affordable at $38.


Another personal fave. $36

$80 friendship bracelets! Or just more for yourself ;)




Git ’em all, at!

…then I would buy them both.

I was performing my personal shopping duties in Bloomingdale’s shoe department this weekend when I came across my newest obsession: See by Chloe Criss Cross platforms AND sandals! They are so so cute and showcase the spring trend of pairing neutrals with a dash of neon. If I pooped gold bars I would definitely buy them both because I feel like to buy one without the other, would be equivalent to separating two siblings who are up for adoption.

The platforms retail for $328

The flats retail for $246

Now, while I saw these in-store at Bloomingdales, they weren’t present on Bloomie’s website. I found them online at OTTE (platforms, sandals). Bloomies also had them in navy blue leather with yellow and white trim, but OTTE doesn’t appear to carry this colour.

…I would still buy cute things on the cheap.

I’ve been wanting a pair of white oxfords ever since last year when I spied a super chic woman on the streets of London wearing a pair (yes, it was a similar situation to the 5050 boots encounter). She just…looked…so…cool. Well, I found this pair of Steven by Steve Madden oxfords that are almost exactly the same as hers! And at only $105, I would label them an Economical Goodie.

Thanks Shopbop! You never fail me…

Shopbop was the only place that I could find these in white. Nordstrom, Zappos, etc. carry them for less than Shopbop (about $98), but they don’t have white.

Big Happenings

Hi everyone! I have big news: Gold Bars is moving and shaking! As my Valentine’s Day gift from Presh BF, I received “If I Pooped Gold Bars…” business cards and the rights to the domain name:  Isn’t that cool?? You no longer have to type “.wordpress” to get to this fabulous blog! But don’t worry if you accidentally do type “.wordpress” (old habits die hard, I know), you’ll be automatically forwarded on to the good ‘ol blog you know and love. And my business cards are gonna make this blog sooo famous. Mark my words: this time next year I will be returning from New York Fashion Week where I was invited to sit front row by all the best designers, pampered in the most luxurious hotels, and hounded by fashion photogs such as Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton. And Anna Wintour and I will be BFFs. And the hottest runway trend will be “short models”.

Fersuuuuure  ;)

…then I would sing in the rain!

You know how some days, when it’s raining, you just DON’T want to lug around in a pair of heavy, clumsy, massive rain boots?? Or you just DON’T want to carry around a normal pair of shoes to put on, once you get where you’re going? Or you’re not 100% sure if it’s going to rain, but you really DON’T want to wear rain boots just for the heck of it? Or you really DON’T feel like handling the stares you get from the noise your rain boots make when you walk?  I toootally get allllll of those feelings, especially after it’s been raining for a few days in a row. That’s when I get fed up trying to make my outfit work around rain boots. But oh my gosh, I found an adorable and affordable ($55) solution! Enter: J.Crew’s Rainy Day Ballet Flats!

All of the colors are super cute…I can’t decide which pair to get! I think my faves though are black, neon pink, deep chartreuse, pearl, metallic gold, and barely peach. ;)