Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

This post is all about Lady Gaga. Now, proceed if you choose.

If I pooped gold bars, I would BE Lady Gaga. No. Strike that. I would be her best friend. There’s no way I could achieve her level of genius and creativity even if I excreted gold. But I would be cool enough to be her biffle (biffle = BFFL = Best Friend For Life [for those of you like my mom, who probably wouldn’t have figured that one out]). So, over the past few days I have been inundated with recent news about The Lady from dear friends of mine who know of, or share, my obsession. Since all of it was so exciting to me, I wanted to share it with you. And if you’re still reading this, then you will probably be excited too. If not, well, read the title of this post. :)

First headline: Lady Gaga Barbie! AKA: “Why Hasn’t Mattel Mass Produced This One Already (I Mean, Thank Goodness They Haven’t Because It Wouldn’t Be Half As Awesome, But I’m Just Surprised, That’s All)”

Basically, some too-talented-for-his-own-good dude in Beijing made over your typical Barbie with fresh hairdos and detailed accessories. UM, WOW.

Thanks Refinery 29, FabSugar (in a roundabout way), and my fellow Gaga enthusiast, Kim.

Second Headline: Lady Gaga Named Creative Director for Specialty Line of Polaroid Imaging Products AKA: “All I Want for Christmas: 2010 Edition”

Basically Polaroid is collaborating with Gaga to boost it’s brand image and become a more competitive player in the electronics market. Or at least that’s what it seems like to me, but I’m no business analyst (quite an ironic statement, for those of you who know me well… ;) ). All I know is that I love the traditional polaroid camera and I’m happy to see the company doing whatever it can to stay afloat. I’d imagine this partnership will work, considering Gaga’s wide-reaching, loyal fan base who will buy anything she puts her name on (ahem).

Props to Troy for alerting me to this news. However, the article you sent me took quite a negative and condescending spin, so I did not use it. Thank you though!

And lastly, with one more credit to Troy, this little gem:

(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

Get it?? Yay for the nerd that came up with this! I hope you all have a Gagalicious day!


2 responses to “Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  1. Brilliant blog love!

    -How do you make Lady Gaga cry?

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