Quite possibly the most important post of my blogging career.

Preface: I wrote this post about a week ago and then couldn’t bring myself to publish it. I’m not sure if it’s because I was worried that it was just a beautiful dream and I would wake up and it wouldn’t be real, or if I felt bad about bragging. Either way, I’m over it.




I nearly cried when I opened the boxes (yes, two boxes, because one boot came from my preshy BF and the mate came from my preshy sis. Can’t thank you two enough!). As all you faithful readers know, these boots were the first post on my blog and the single most lusted-after item of my lusting-after history. I feel as though my life has come full circle; but don’t take that in an “I-could-die-right-here-and-now” sense, because I totally intend to make that circle into a figure-8… and then one of those pretty paper chains you made in kindergarden. I just need to discover the next item I will lust over to the same extreme level of the 5050 boot. That and I wouldn’t want to die before I got the chance to wear these boots everywhere! Be sure to read my first post for all of the juicy details on how I fell in love with the 5050 (and Stuart Weitzman), and also to experience some of my best writing on this blog. Toot Toot! That was my own horn, for your information. I hope everyone else has had an equally merry and fulfilling holiday season! And Happy New Year!

P.S. I will post pictures eventually. For now just take my word that they are beautiful.


3 responses to “Quite possibly the most important post of my blogging career.

  1. boooooooooooooooooomb! that is the cutest idea ever that they each got you a boot. merry xmas peabody :) you were clearly a very good girl this year.

  2. excellent post sis! toot toot.

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