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What I Bought This Weekend

I had a big, exciting weekend on the shopping front, ya’ll! The most notable purchase was a new coat :) It is the ombre jacket from J.Crew, which unfortunately appears to be sold out now. I guess I’ll have to take my own photo of it to post on here for all the world to see… don’t hold your breath waiting though!

Backstory: I have lusted over this coat (Let’s call it “The Ombre Coat of Desire”) ever since it made it’s debut online. Recently, an opportunity arose for me to purchase The Ombre Coat of Desire at a “reasonable” price, so I attempted to do just that. After a two-week saga ensued, I finally brought my baby home this past Saturday. I was beyond elated to finally own The Ombre Coat of Desire and to be able to wear it out that night. Of course something (or two things) had to go haywire though. First instance of haywire: when I got to the restaurant with my girlfriends, and the host who seated us offered to take our coats, I gave him specific instructions to treat my coat with extra care. He complied and dutifully put all of our coats in the office instead of on the common coat hooks right next to the entrance, where it would be much too easy for a thief to have his/her way. This was very nice and I was extremely please with both the kind young gentleman and myself, until he brought our coats back. It was then that I realized I had left the price tag on my brand new Ombre Coat of Desire. Ugh, tacky! Who wants to take a bet that the kind young gentleman thought I instructed him to take great care with The Ombre Coat of Desire because I needed to run back to J.Crew the next day to return it in pristine condition after a one-night joy ride? So embarrased.

Second instance of haywire-ness? A button fell off. SERIOUSLY? I have nothing else to say about my Ombre Coat of Desire. Except that I still think it’s beautiful.

So, my other purchases…

The Wolford Hot Dot Tights!! Have you seen these? They are the best tights ever.

Lastly, and unfortunately this is another item I’m going to have to photograph myself if you guys are gonna get to see it, I found an awesome long-sleeved Missoni shirt at a second-hand store here in SF. Its pretty big (size L), but it fits in that cool, oversized way. Yeah. Cool. Oversized.

The best thing about these three items is that I threw together a really impromptu outfit for Saturday night incorporating all of them! It was tres chic, and even the taxi cab driver liked it…That doesn’t say much, does it?

I hope you all had equally exciting purchases this weekend! Yey, consumerism!


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Hey guys! I just signed up on Bloglovin…and you should too! It’s a really easy way to streamline your blog-reading process, including If I Pooped Gold Bars! Click on the title of this post to set up your Bloglovin account and follow Gold Bars…at least I think that’s how it works.

Pour moi? Merci!

I say thank you in advance, because I just know someone is gonna get this for me!

Rachel Pally, thanks to Shopbop!

Kate & Zac, Zac & Kate

I have noticed a recent trend that many of my posts are based on tips I receive from dear friends of mine. What happens is: someone alerts me to something cool, and I write about it. What used to happen was: I found something cool, and I wrote about it. See, the thing is, I’ve been so busy dealing with fan-mail and press obligations that I had to outsource the R&D for my posts.

Okay, that’s a lie. But the truth is…I really appreciate it, you-who-email-me-cool-things. And to all of my readers, you should appreciate it too, because if left to my own devices this blog would end up being entirely about Lady Gaga and the Olsen twins.

Now onto some reader-generated topics…

Courtesy of Little J: Kate Moss and Longchamp are teaming up! She has been the face of the French brand for years, but now Ms. Moss is putting her name on that shiz too! Look for the collaboration in stores February 11.

And thanks to Celestial: Zac Posen does Target! I’m going to say this right away: I promise not to go as crazy over this collection as I did for Rodarte + Target. My wallet could not handle it again. That being said, I don’t think Zac Posen is going to beat out Rodarte for awesomeness. At least, my wallet hopes not, because the kind of promise I just made is exactly the kind that I break!  The collection comes out April 25, so stay tuned for a final verdict. In the meantime, here are some pieces from fashionista’s sneak peek that caught my eye:

This Snap Tape dress is so cool. I fully intend to own it.

This image is about the belt. I’m ambivalent about the dress, although maybe it will be cute in person. And the belt could totally suck in person. That’s the way these things go, sometimes.

I quite definitely need to go to the gym.

If Zac Posen spelled his name with an “h” on the end, this shirt would be SOLD.

I can’t wait to see this dress. I am very intrigued by the “two-piece” aspect. It appears, based on another image, that the frilly part detaches. Also, what a great shade of red!

This look is all about the tuxedo bodysuit. Not even kidding.

Thanks Joanna, Celeste, and fashionista for the info and images!

Make it work.

The new season of Project Runway premiers tonight!!! And they are back in New York! Whew, because I just didn’t get the same vibe when it was filmed in LA last season. It is on Lifetime tonight at 10pm. Watch it, even if only for Tim Gunn :)

One man’s trash…

…is another woman’s canvas. I just read this WWD article about artist Christine Finley who is going around the world beautifying dumpsters with wallpaper. Seriously! She has even been approached by the Chelsea Sanitation Service to commission a redesign of their dumpsters. I think this is hilarious and adorable. I hope Finley and her wallpaper make their way to San Francisco!

Thank you WWD, for the info and photo!

O to be the body upon which all of those beautiful clothes hang.

Anna Dello Russo is more than the fashion editor of Vogue Nippon. She is a closet come to life. Allow me to demonstrate:

Thank you Jak & Jil, for I have creeped upon your photos.

See? Closet. Come to life. That is exactly how I feel when I see images of her. I also feel that…If I pooped gold bars, I would pray for diarrhea and then make an offer on her wardrobe that she couldn’t refuse.